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WJ-NV200 Recorder Calculator

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NOTE : This page has described the caluculation for the recording days.
          Description of the recorder, please refer to the instruction manual.

1. Overview

This tool calculates the recording days of WJ-NV200 when you input the Camera conditions (Compression, Image capture size, Rate and Quality) in it.

2. Features

For quick operation, "Easy start" mode is available as same as actual User Interface. "Detail" mode enable you to set each parameter separately.
Recording days of each HDD in NV200 are output by batch processing.

3. Spec & Function

Item Spec & Function
Target Models WJ-NV200 and related camera
System Requirements OS: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP, Internet Explorer 10/ 9/ 8/ 7/ 6
Download the setup file Click here
Execution file Security Recorder Calculator WJ-NV200

4. How to use this tool (Outline)

"Easy Start" mode Check "Easy start" at top stage and select the Camera name, Rate and Quality up to 24 Cameras. Then you'll get the output at one click.
1)  Select the camera name
2)  Select the Rate
3)  Select the quantity
"Detail" mode 1)  Check "Detail" at the top stage
2)  Select the camera name
3)  Select the compression
4)  Select the Image capture size
5)  Select the Rate
6)  Select the quantity
7)  Select the Recording
8)  Select the Time table selection
9)  Select the Time table

5. How to use this tool (Detailed instruction)

In this segment, you can see how to operate this calculator.

5-1. Operation Example

Items Explanations
(1)  Mode*1 "Easy Start" mode You can operate quickly by selecting the Camera name,
Rate and Qualityof up to 24 Cameras.
(2) Select the camera name   (5) Select the Rate   (6)Select the Quallity
"Detail" mode You can set the each parameter
*1. In case of "Easy Start", the items of Compression, Image capture size, Audio, Recording, Time table selection and Time table are fixed items.
If you want to set the each item individually,please select
"Detail" mode.
(2)  Camera Select the camera name
(3)  Compression H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
(4)  Image capture size QVGA (320x240), VGA (640x480), SXVGA (1,280x960), QVGA (320x180),
HVGAW (640x360), HD (1,280x720), FHD (1,920x1,080), SVGA (800x600)
(5)  Rate 1ips, 3ips, 5ips, 10ips, 15ips, 30ips
(6)  Quality NQ, FQ, SF, XF
(7)  Audio On, Off
(8)  Recording On, Off, Anytime
(9)  Face matching Check or not
(10)  Time table selection Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday
(11)  Time table

*2. The calculation is conducted on the cameras that are checked at the column of model name.

6. Results

It displays the Referenced recording days of each recorder.
You can choose the suitable recorder from selected recording condition
and Referenced recording days.


If the actual recording days is one month,
please choose 2 Hard Disk Drives(1 TB*) from the example of the recording
condition of the previous page.

*  3 types of Capacity (1 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB) are available.
    Up to 2 HDD can be installed to WJ-NV200.


If you change the bit rate per client with the camera, there is a difference in recording days
between the estimated number and actual number.

In order to properly grasp the impact on the quality of the image by changing the number of
recording days, please use the method for adjusting the quality in image quality parameters.


JPEG file size and recommended bit rate of H.264/ MPEG would vary depending
on the each camera's performance.
Therefore, the recording days may differ even at the same recording condition.
Condition:  Compression: H.264/ Resolution: SXVGA/ rate 10 ips/ Quality: FQ

    Model number                         Recommended bit rate
  SP305 (i-PRO Smart HD)                     1,536 kbps
  SP509 (i-PRO Smart HD(Full HD))     1,024 kbps

Recording days of i-PRO Smart HD(FullHD) is larger than i-PRO Smart HD.


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Was this content helpful for you?




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