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Status Information

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Viewnetcam opens new window

Displays Viewnetcam connection status.

UPnP opens new window

Displays UPnP status.

Self check opens new window

Displays Self check hardware status.

System log Information

The system log of "login failure" may be left for the camera that applied "Digest" authentication compliant firmware (click here for details) released in June, 2018 when you operate normally. This is not an abnormality of the camera.

Occurrence phenomenon: The system log of "login failure" may be recorded.

Case of occurrence:
1."Initialization of setting data" was carried out with the browser of the camera. To complete setup data initialization without closing the browser, and to continue to register a different user name and password from the last time.
* As the browser accesses the camera with the old user name and password, the system log of "Login failure" may remain.

2. When setting the camera from other equipment such as a recorder, viewnet cam server or the like. When setting up the camera from another device or server, the user name and password held by the camera himself may be inconsistent with the temporary user name and password of another device or server, and the system log of "login failure" There are things that remain.

Applicable models: EXTREME series, target models before EXTREME series (click here for details)

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Was this content helpful for you?




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