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Setup tools

i-PRO Configuration Tool (former PSSCT)

i-PRO Configuration Tool is the software that is designed to perform the settings of a network cameras, network disk recorders, and network video encoders by using a personal computer via a network.

For PSSCT users
PSSCT version 8.0 has been migrated to i-PRO Configuration Tool version 1.0.
If you are using PSSCT, we recommend changing to the i-PRO Configuration Tool.

IP Setting Software

IP address of Panasonic network cameras can be easily set at once.

Extension Software Registration Tool

Extension Software Registration Tool is the software that is designed to install Extension Software and register Registration Key using a PC via a network.

i-PRO Configuration Tool (iCT) , IP Setting Software and Extension Software Registration Tool are tools to use Panasonic Network cameras/IP cameras in setting.