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Extension Software Registration Tool

What is Extension Software Registration Tool?

Panasonic Extension Software Registration Tool is the software that is designed to install Extension Software and register Registration Key using a PC via a network.
With this one tool, extension software functions such as i-VMD, Facial Recognition, People counting and Vehicle incident can be enabled for up to 256 cameras.
Note: i-PRO EXTREME series and later products have been integrated into i-PRO Configuration Tool(iCT).


The setup was different for each camera till now, but Panasonic Extension Software Registration Tool free you from hassle.
Other benefits include:
• Complete registration inside the Extension Software Registration Tool
• Set several cameras in a single batch
• Eliminate mistaken input of MPR ID, etc., and errors registering to the camera

Introduction video

Introducing the benefits of adopting the tool and how to use it.


Extension Software Functions


You can register extended function software at once using the tool.