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Extension Software Registration Tool

What is Extension Software Registration Tool?

It's a tool for enabling added camera functions (i-VMD, face detection, etc.*1) to a maximum of 256 cameras.
In order to enable added camera functions, licenses (purchased or free) for the desired purpose and Extension Software must be obtained and registered in the cameras.


For a maximum of 256 cameras …
• The appropriate software is automatically selected considering the camera model numbers and Extension Software sets prepared for each added function.
• Registration Keys are issued in a batch, so preselected Extension Software and Registration Keys of other cameras can be registered without error.
• The MPR ID (MPR Main Processor ID) can be acquired from the cameras, so trouble is saved when issuing Registration Keys.

Operation Steps



(*1)The following additional functions can be registered with the Extension Software Registration Tool:
  (1) Face Detection (WV-SAE100)
  (2) i-VMD (WV-SAE200)
  (3) Face Best Shoot (WV-ASF900/WV-ASF950)
  (4) People Count (WV-SAE303W)
  (5) Vehicle Incident Detection (WV-XAE100W)
(*2) The Extension Software Package is a package file compressed into a single file.
      Please prepare the Extension Software Package before using the Extension Software Registration Tool.
(*3) If you do not have a KMS(Key Management System) account, please get an account.  

You can register extended function software at once using the tool.