Support Information on network camera (WV Series / BL Series) / Recorder (WJ Series)


About WV-SFV781L


Verification information


Compatible CS mount Lens


Power Consumption






Mobile terminals information


Monitor images from multiple cameras


The settings relating to the alarm action


SD/SDHC memory card recording

  • Compatible SDXC/SDHC/SD memory cards (Manufactured by Panasonic, Speed class rating 4 or higher) 
    - SDXC memory card: 64GB and 128GB
    - SDHC memory card: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB
    - SD memory card: 2GB
    * mini-SDHC/SD memory cards and micro-SDXC/SDHC/SD memory cards are not supported.
  • SD Memory Card Formatting SoftwareExternal Site
    Obtaining of "SD Memory Card Formatting Software".
    The Formatting Software is needed for the use of the SD/SDHC memory card.
    Please download and install software to "Procedure to Install" on the support page.
  • SFV6xx SFR6xx SPN6xxSeries: Recording hours in H.264 opens new window
    Estimated storable number of JPEG images onto SD Memory Card.opens new window
  • Playing back H.265 video data
     Information for playing back H.265 video recorded by i-pro EXTREAM series Network cameras.
     When playing H.265 movie files saved on the SD memory card on a PC, please use the Windows media player installed in Windows 10.
    - It can not be played on the Windows media player installed in Windows 8.1, Windows 7.
    - Please access the camera with the recorded SD memory card attached to the camera and play it.

Status Information


About Network Cameras WV-SUD638(-H)(-T), WV-SW598(A) and WV-SW397B

  • Compatible Power sourcing equipment 
    - Power over Ethernet Midspan for WV-SUD638(-H)(-T), WV-SW598(A) and WV-SW397B (As of Sept., 2016) [Microsemi, PD-9501G/AC]

About Coaxial-LAN Converter WJ-PC200,WJ-PR201,WJ-PR204

About the face matching function of WJ-NV200 extension software


About the extension software of the Additional Business Intelligence Kit (WJ-NVF30)


About the face matching function on WV-ASF900 and WJ-NV300


Network Video Encoder:WJ-GXE100 support information

  • Compatible models and firmware/software versions opens new window
    Network Disk Recorder (WJ-NV200, WJ-ND400, WJ-ND300A), Recorder (Software : BB-HNP17),
    Software (WV-ASM200 series), Decoder (WJ-GXD400 series)

    Control Command of RS485
        CCTV camera connected with WJ-GXE100 is controlled by RS485 command.
        Supported protocols by GXE100 : Panasonic, Pelco-D, Pelco-P.
        -- For further information : RS-485 control commandopens new window
        Other protocols are supported when "camera>[RS485] tab>[Protocol] Custom" is selected
        and serial command is uploaded to GXE100.
        1. PT control "16" : WV-CS85x/CW86x series(except for A/B series) -Velocity resolution: 16opens new window
        2. PT control " 2" : WV-CZ35x/WV-CZ36x series and so on... -Velocity resolution: 2opens new window
          *A part of discontimued models may not operate with PT control command.

    Firmware of WJ-GXE100opens new window
    Firmware download

    Viewnetcam.comopens new window
    "Viewnetcam" is unique Dynamic DNS service for the Panasonic Network Camera products including "WJ-GXE100".

    Integrity Verifier opens new window
    Click here to download MP4IntegrityVerifier.

Library file for ND Viewer

  • Image Correction.zipopens new window
    Software library to compensate and to convert fish-eye images those were downloaded or copied from WJ-ND400 (firmware version 3.40), WJ-NV200 (version 2.10) and/or WJ-NV300 (version 1.02).

Recorder System Design Guidelines