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Vehicle Search Solution

General investigation workflow by law enforcement

Often requires a lot of time due to the limited information that witnesses provide.

New Solution with Panasonic Vehicle Search System

Enables law enforcement to find the candidate of suspicious vehicle efficiently even by the incomplete information from witness such as lack of license plate, then helps to accelerate time of investigation.

Panasonic Deep learning Technology

Realizes highly accurate vehicle detection even in the influence of sunlight, shadows, overlap of objects and various vehicle directions.
*The search accuracy may vary depending on the camera installation place, camera settings, adjustment of camera settings, surrounding environment and objects.

Panasonic Vehicle Search System (WV-ASV100W)

-Panasonic “Vehicle Search Solution” searches for suspicious vehicles at approx.30 times faster* than manual search                                                                                                     *Estimation by original calculation

-Free your operator from hard work and let them focus on investigation

-Improve initial response & increasing arrest rate leading to a safer community

Operation Example

System application (WV-ASV100W)


Enables law enforcement agencies to shorten investigation time, by quickly searching a target suspect vehicle with only partial eye-witness information such as color, vehicle type and direction.