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WV-SPW611 - айпи камера / Сетевая камера

Onvif Profile S, GH.264 / JPEGHD 720/60pENHANCED Super DynamicIP66 standard


Сетевая водонепроницаемая камера HD Super Dynamic

Сетевая водонепроницаемая камера HD / 1 280 x 720 60 fps H.264 с функцией Super Dynamic

Модель последователя : WV-S1511LN

  • case 016 Kyushu TLO Company, Limited - Live monitoring supports the Sefuri ranch operation / Japan
    Kyushu TLO Company, Limited evolves its businesses around industry-university-government collaborating projects, such as licensing intellectual asset of Kyushu University, consulting practice as Ky...

Case Study of айпи камера / Сетевая камера "WV-SPW611" from the Panasonic Security System. We will provide you with accessories neccesary to use WV-SPW611.

WV-SPW611 Case Study - система безопасности Panasonic - Продукты