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Vigilância da cidade

City Surveillance

- Panasonic Security Systems Support Safe Urban Development for Your Town
Are you thinking about installing a security system to protect your precious town and its citizens from illegal acts such as theft and vandalism? Or, do you have problems with your current security system?
Panasonic offers a wide range of security systems that include high performance, high definition, and high quality video technology. Using its many years of experience, Panasonic has created a line-up of security systems that meet customer needs for safe urban development.
- Installing a new security system
- Solving problems in an existing security system
• Poor resolution means important things and people's faces cannot be seen
• Images cannot be seen at night or in bad weather
• Blind spots need to be eliminated
• Cameras cannot be installed in the required locations due to space problems for power and network cables
• Preventing vandalism and destruction of equipment such as cameras
• Monitoring from outside the office
• High costs and trouble incurred to perform maintenance on cameras installed in remote locations or high places
Panasonic security systems offer a wide range of products with various functions to meet diverse customer needs.
We provide optimal products for various purposes and applications to help create safe urban environments.

- High quality, no blind spots
The desired images can be seen more clearly. Monitoring available from all directions, without blind spots.

- Stable operation all day every day and in any weather
The product lineup supports all kinds of weather conditions, including high temperatures, low temperatures, rain, and fog. High durability to ensure stable system operation.

- Reduced TCO
Intelligent functions automatically notify you of status changes and irregular situations. Constant human monitoring is not required. Easy installation to greatly reduce the work required.

View Images Clearly without Blind Spots with Panasonic Video Technology

Providing Smooth Images with High Image Quality Exceeding 4K
Panasonic network cameras use the newly developed LSI platform and highly sensitive MOS sensors to provide video with high image quality and smooth and natural color tones. Clear and easy to view images of the location you want to monitor can be
provided in various locations, both indoors and outdoors. The maximum resolution is 4,000 x 3,000 pixels (WV-SFV781L / WV-SPV781L). A frame rate of 60 fps at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels can be captured to support locations where fast cars and trains pass by. JPEG/H.264 multiple streaming transmission is also supported.

Referrence: 4K resolution camera
High-Precision and Wide Range Monitoring
A single 4K resolution camera covers a wide area.High quality images enable far away objects to be checked.
Super Dynamic Technology
Areas subject to city surveillance often include both subjects that are in direct sunlight and those that are in the shade. In images with a large difference in illumination, bright areas become too white and dark areas become hard to see. However, Super Dynamic technology adjusts the dark areas and bright areas to enable monitoring with natural images. This can be particularly useful for identifying individuals by brightening human faces in environments where light is shining from behind the subject.
Fog and Smoke Reduction
Video can be corrected to provide clearer images by removing elements that obstruct the camera's field of vision, such as fog or sandstorms.
High Light Compensation
If a bright light source such as car headlights points in the direction of a camera, the area around the light source becomes white and cannot be seen.
Panasonic cameras correct for strong lights and their surroundings to provide clear images of areas that could not be seen with other cameras.
Visibility Enhancement
Even in situations where bad weather such as snow or heavy rain means that the video cannot be seen well, i-PRO Management Software (WVASM200+WV-ASE205 or WV-ASM970+WV-ASE903) can be used to correct live images and images that have been recorded. It is also possible to brighten dark subjects to make areas that are hard to see more visible.
Omni Directional Cameras for 360 Degree Monitoring without Blind Spots
An omni directional camera offers monitoring of a 360 degree area below the camera with just a single unit. This enables the area below the camera to be completely monitored without creating blind spots. The maximum resolution is 2,992 x 2,992 pixels in the fish-eye mode (WV-SFV481/WV-SFN480).
Movements below the camera are not missed, even in environments where conventional cameras have blind spots.
The following five modes can be used for captured images, according to the location of the camera and the desired application.

Reference: 360-degree Camera
PTZ Camera for Wide Range Monitoring and a High Zoom Ratio
Normal fixed lens cameras can only monitor a certain direction, but the lens of a PTZ camera can be operated remotely to switch to the direction you want to view.
Detailed areas can also be zoomed in to a maximum of 90x. Since the cameras can be infinitely rotated 360 degrees at a high speed of 300 degrees/sec, you will not miss the subjects you want to monitor.
Preset Sequences
If the locations you want to monitor are fixed, you can register them in advance to move to them with a single touch or automatically patrol the registered locations. Data can be saved to a recorder by automatically patrolling the registered locations, without intervention by an operator.
Ranges that cannot be covered with a single fixed lens camera can be covered by patrolling.
Advanced Auto Tracking
When suspicious movements are discovered in the video, the camera can lock on to that person to perform automatic tracking using the pan, tilt, and zoom functions.
A wide range can be covered by endless 360 degree horizontal rotation and 210 degree vertical rotation, and situations can be monitored in detail with a maximum of 90x zoom (30x optical zoom and 3x extra zoom).
Even if another person passes by the person who is being tracked, tracking can continue.

Panasonic Security Systems Can Be Inst alled in the Locations You Need to View

- Support for Various Installation Environments
Even when installed in locations subject to direct rain, the field of vision is secured with measures against water leakage and humidity.
Waterproof and Dustproof
Waterproofing and dustproofing function compliant with IP66.
Can be installed outside in an area that receives direct wind and rain without special housing. Compliant with IP66 (IEC60529)
The camera is equipped with a dehumidifier that keeps the internal moisture level low, preventing condensation and quickly dissipating any condensation that forms.
Even when a camera is installed in a location subject to greatly varying temperatures, the dome cover prevents the monitored image from being obstructed by fogging.
Rain-wash Coating
The application of rain-wash coating to the dome cover provides clearer visibility, allowing good security to be maintained even when the camera is installed in an environment subject to rain or water splashing.
In addition, the coating resists attachment of dirt to the dome cover, and also allows dirt to be washed off easily during rainfall or other exposure to water.

* WV-SFV781L/WV-SPV781L/WV-SW598/WV-SW397A
Wide Ambient Operation Temperature
Installation in various places is possible since a wide ambient temperature is supported.
The integrated structure of the camera includes a sun shield and a heater for cold weather regions, allowing it to be used in a variety of locations where the ambient temperature ranges from –50 °C*1 to 55 °C.
Stable camera operation is possible even in extreme environments.

*1 When using a PoE Injector
Extremely shock-proof –
will not break even under strong impact.
Vandalism-proof cameras can be used without concern, even when they must be installed in locations that can be reached by people.

Compliant with 50J (IEC 60068-2-75) / IK10 (IEC 62262)

Compliant with 20J (IEC 60068-2-75) / IK10 (IEC 62262)

Learn more:IK10

- Support for Various Installation Environments
Cameras can also be installed in locations that are normally completely dark
IR LED to Support 0 Lux Environments
Cameras with an IR LED can be used to monitor environments that are completely dark. This enables locations without the level of illumination required to capture images to be monitored to prevent graffiti, illegal dumping, and property destruction. The IR LED can illuminate a wide area so that monitoring is not limited to a specific part of the area.
Install cameras in locations without a power source or that are too far for a power cable
PoE (Power over Ethernet)
The power is supplied through the Ethernet cable, so the network camera can be used in places that would ordinarily be difficult to install it in, like on the ceiling where there is no power outlet.
Coaxial-LAN Converter
A coaxial LAN converter (WJ-PC200, WJ-PR201/WJ-PR204) can be used to extend the network to a maximum of 2 km away, using only a coaxial cable. This enables cameras to be installed in locations that were previously not possible.
● Features
- Cameras supporting PoE can be supplied with both power and network access up to 500 meters away, using only a coaxial cable.
- Cameras can be connected up to 2 km away if a power supply is not required.
Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance, and Stable Operation All Day Every Day
Panasonic security systems have a history and a track record of more than 50 years.
Know-how built up over the years is utilized to ensure that devices can be easily installed and used.
Panasonic cameras have a well established reputation for stable operation, which is important in security systems that require constant monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This saves time and costs when dealing with devices at high altitudes, because cameras are usually not installed in places that people can reach. Easy installation and stable operation mean that TCO can be minimized.

                                                                                                           Example of installation in a high location

Cameras Move Automatically and Intell igently and Can Be Centrally Managed

Intelligent VMD
Intelligent functions to make your security system operations easier and more secure.

- the motion of objects in the shooting or detection area.
Frames and tracks are displayed around the detected moving object in the live image.
Up to 8 objects can be detected simultaneously.

-objects loitering for longer than a specified time from 10 sec to 5 min.

-interference caused by tampering with the camera, such as a manual change in the camera direction or blockage of the lens with cloth or spray paint.
● Complete with powerful intelligent functions
This provides visualization of the traffic patterns by people and how long they stay in one place. For example, you can place products based on how people tend to flow within the store and arrange objects so that they do not interfere with the movement of people.
People Counting
This counts the number of people passing through a selected preset location.
The People Counting function can provide statistics on the number of people entering and leaving a specific zone and other useful data.

Management Software

Software for performing batch management can also be selected according to the scale of the system.
This software can be used to efficiently and effectively operate systems using the minimum required resources, reducing TCO.

i-PRO Management Software WV-ASM200
A management system that uses a Windows PC. Enables optimal system configurations for small and medium scale CCTV/surveillance systems.

IP Matrix Server Software WV-ASC970/WV-ASM970
A large scale
CCTV/surveillance system that uses a combination of a Linux server and Windows PCs.
Enables environments with both IP and analog devices to be managed and operated.

Security cameras are being extensively installed in public spaces in an effort to ensure safety and peace of mind. There are already many Panasonic cameras and systems in use at strategic points on streets and in transportation facilities.