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What is i-PRO EXTREME?

Extreme Visibility

Enables automatic capture of evidence at the highest quality under dynamic and challenging surveillance environments.

144dB EXTREME Super Dynamic

Combined with the new 144dB enhanced SD capabilities, this high-performance face detection technology can clearly and automatically identify an individual’s face.
It offers optimal facial recognition and can capture evidence even in dynamic scenes or heavily backlit conditions.

Intelligent Auto Mode (iA)

Advanced image stabilization is used to prevent capturing blurry images, and intelligent sensitivity automatically is used to adjust the camera’s gain and shutter speed according to brightness levels and movement of the object.

Color Night Vision(Low light solution)

Color night vision(Low light solution) technology transforms a standard 1/3 inch sensor camera into an effective low light capable camera enabling it to produce a very high-quality color image-even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

ClearSight coating

Water drops stick to the dome cover on conventional cameras and hinder the shooting of clear images.
Our ClearSight coating models are coated to repel water drops in order that the camera captures
clear images when it is raining.
This coating is also effective at repelling dirt, which reduces the frequency of needing to clean the dome cover.
The hydrophilic coating can also be touched without special equipment and improves the ease of maintaining the equipment.

0 lux Pitch Dark Locations

Cameras with a IR LED can be used to monitor environments that are completely dark.
This enables areas without the level of illumination required to be monitored to prevent grafti, illegal dumping,and property destruction.
IR LED can illuminate a wide area so that monitoring is not limited to a specic part of the image.
The built-in IR LED of the outdoor model can capture subjects up to 40 meters away.
Light levels are automatically adjusted for blown out highlights and screen whitening when the IR LED shines on a subject close-by, making the right areas highly visible.
The IR LED is covered to make it difcult to detect from the outside or to know which way the lens is pointing.

Extreme Compression

Compression of high-resolution image data is used to reduce network bandwidth, data storage, and server load costs, while maintaining high quality.

H.265/Video Compression + Smart Coding Technology

Combining H.265/Video Compression with Panasonic Smart Coding Technology reduces bandwidth by maximum 95%* of conventional H.264/Video Compression. This security system maintains the quality of moving images while reducing bandwidth and storage costs.
* Value in Advanced mode. It depends on the scene.

Reference: Smart Coding Technology

Intelligent Face Compression

The camera automatically determines what portion of the footage is important, such as moving objects and people’s faces, and what is not important.
The quality of the unimportant sections of the image is reduced without compromising the quality of the important section of the image.
This system optimizes the data size.
On top of integrating Smart Coding into the conventional GOP Controls,the improved compression efficiency through Auto-VIQS and Long-Term Compression combined with Smart Facial Coding, which detects faces and maintains the quality of only faces, can compress the file drastically to reduce the data size.

Extreme Data Security

In addition to Data encryption and communication encryption, provide secure network access between trusted devices through device certification then prepare for the threat of advanced cyber attacks.

End-to End Data Protection Solution

End-to-End Data Encryption
- Support full encryption communication
- Camera encryption recording on-the-edge​

Pre-installed GlobalSign (formerly DigiCert) Certification
- Video tampering detection
- Communication encryption

FIPS140-2 Level 1 CAVC* compliant
(Federal Information Processing Standardization)
 - For federal/public safety usage
*Evaluated by WV-TW370P​


Achieves high endurance and long life in storing information even under harsh environments.

HDD Dynamic Power Control

Long life and high reliability is achieved through technology that individually controls access to the HDD.
If a recorder needs to recover crashed data, it can do so in a short amount of time.
- Individually-managed HDD
WJ-NX400 can manage the status of each HDD using three state.
  1st is the active state which is ready accessed by WJ-NX400 to a HDD.
  2nd is the idle state, it indicates the state which is ready for next access.
  3rd is the stand-by status, it indicates the state stopping a motor.

Auto Failover Recording

NVR has an Auto Failover Recording function to reduce the loss of recorded data due to NVR failure.
In the case of an NVR failure, the stand-by NVR will begin recording automatically.
The standby NVR will record instead of the failed NVR, without the need for management software.

Heavy Salt Damage Resistance, Compliant with ISO14993

Heavy salt damage resistance, with film thickness of 100 micrometers or more, provides protection from salty wind corrosion.
The use of screws with an anti-salt surface treatment prevents trouble occurring from corroded screws in the product.

Vandal Resistant

When installed in locations that are prone to vandalism and tampering, measures are required for preventing damage to the camera.
Models featuring the Vandal Resistant mechanism are ideal for installation in these types of locations.
- Vandal resistant mechanism
Models featuring the Vandal Resistant mechanism include a shock absorber around the internal lens.
Even if the dome cover is subjected to a potentially damaging impact, the shock absorber will absorb this impact to protect the internal structure from damage.


Identifies and acquires important information, improves accuracy and efficiency of the entire system,
reduces system load, and lowers costs and hurdles. Anyone can take advantage of Analytics.

Facial Recognition System

When the camera detects a face, it sends only the facial image data to the server.
This greatly reduces the load on the system’s main server and enables one system to accommodate up to 20 cameras.
The accommodation of so many cameras makes it possible to have multiple-camera coverage extending across a wide area, thereby enabling people-flow paths to be determined and easily tracked in real time.

The Facial Recognition System takes the camera-captured facial images and compares them with registered faces, sounding a real-time alarm and displaying comparison results on a screen when a match is found.
By using the comparison results to do a facial-image search, it is possible to display the results from each camera as a time series to identify and track a person’s movement.
In addition, it is possible to filter recorded images using camera name and date/time, and then determine a subject person’s movement by using the alarm history list to replay recorded images linked to an alarm.

Vehicle Search Solution

Vehicle Search Solution operates using analytics software that runs on the server and that utilizes deep learning along with high-resolution video captured via EXTREME Visibility technology (Intelligent Auto, Color Night Vision, etc.).
The analytics software distinguishes between six vehicle types and ten vehicle color types, and it also differentiates eight directions at intersections.
The search for the subject vehicle is supported using the vehicle's color and shape and the direction it is proceeding at the intersection.

Support for Various Installation Environments

Panasonic network cameras are available in a full lineup of products custom-tailored for a wide range of installation environments.
Their specialized design also helps to reduce the work required for installation.

Dehumidification Device

The network camera outdoor models have a built-in dehumidifier device to lower the internal humidity for
preventing cloudiness due to condensation.
This eliminates blurry video images caused by clouding of the camera dome cover when installed in locations with high humidity or extreme temperature changes over the course of the day.

Easy Installation

The Easy Kitting Package makes setting up the camera easy.
Users do not even need to remove the camera from the box to setup the camera.
This packaging helps reduce the time and effort it requires to install multiple

Reference: IPVM Topics
On outdoor models, the RJ45 Joint Connector removes the need of using waterproof tape and reduces the time it takes to install the camera.

Fiber Optic Media Converter Unit

The network copper cable can only communicate up to 100 m. In order to communicate over 100 m with copper cables, network switches must be cascaded and extended, requiring a large number of network switches and power supplies, which is cumbersome. An optical network using glass cable can communicate over a distance of 10 km, thereby simplifying long-distance communication.
The Fiber Optic Media Converter Unit supports long distance optical networks by converting copper RJ45 to fiber.

Product page : WV-X65F1  WV-S25F1

Onboard Model

A lineup of network cameras is also available with anti-vibration and other specific features for installation in cars, buses, and other vehicles. The WV-SBV131M, WV-SBV111M, WV-SFV110(M), WV-S3532LM,WV-S3512LM, WV-X4571L(M), WV-S4550L(M),WV-SW458MA and WV-SFV481 are compliant with the EN50155 European railway standards.


Panasonic offers the i-PRO Extreme Cameras. You can find the camera which you are interested from Panasonic i-PRO Extreme Security Cameras in this page. Extreme performance under Extreme conditions