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WV-SC588 - Câmera IP / Câmera para rede

Onvif Profile S, GH.264 / JPEGFULL HD 1080/30pMEGA Super Dynamic90x Extra Optical Zoom


Câmera de rede de domo PTZ de alta definição completa Super Dynamic

Modelo sucessor : WV-SC588A

  • case 076 Suzhou Modern Media Square / China
    Surveillance Office Building Security
    -Stable and less problem. -This is the biggest Panasonic IP solution program I have installed.
  • case 038 Foshan education and labor management / China
    Surveillance Government/Local Government Security
    Project Outline This project is full analog system, and it can also monitor video to be uploaded from DVR to the server over the network. It is installed to divide th...

Case Study of Câmera IP / Câmera para rede "WV-SC588" from the Panasonic Security System. We will provide you with accessories neccesary to use WV-SC588.

WV-SC588 Case Study - Sistema de segurança Panasonic - Produtos