Network Camera / Analog Camera with ClearSight Coating

Maintaining good visibility by minimizing blurring due to rain and dirt


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What is ClearSight coating?

The application of ClearSight coating to the dome cover provides clearer visibility, allowing good security to be maintained even when the camera is installed in an environment subject to rain or water splashing.

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Effects of ClearSight coating

Good visibility is ensured even when water splashes on dome cover.

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Dirt on dome cover is washed off by rain water to allow clearer visibility.

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Principle of ClearSight coating

With a conventional dome camera, water droplets that remain on the dome cover with exposure to water take a globular shape, which blur the field of view.
However, with the application of ClearSight coating, water droplets on the camera dome become flat, which then minimize blurring to the camera’s field of view and allow for clearer visibility.
In addition, the coating resists attachment of dirt to the dome cover, and also allows dirt to be washed off easily during rainfall or other exposure to water.

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Models featuring ClearSight coated dome covers