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New H.265 series 9MP/5MP 360-degree camera

New H.265 series 9MP/5MP 360-degree cameras capture the highest quality images in even very challenging and dynamic environments.
In particular, the image of the person's face or object at the edge of the fisheye is clear with less distortion.

Youtube : i-PRO EXTREME H.265 9MP & 5MP 360-degree Network Cameras
Extreme Visibility
- High resolution at 360-degree surveillance area
- High sensitivity with built-in IR LED   
- Super dynamic 108db/ Intelligent Auto

Extreme Compression
- H.265 compression with new smart coding technology

Extreme Data Security
- Secure communication with digicert certification

Extreme Reliability
- Anti-humidity
- Salt (Corrosion)-resistant screw
- Vandal resistant / IP66

Extreme Analytics
-Intelligent VMD and video analytics

Those cameras are suitable under the extreme conditions
> Retails / Shopping mall
> Airport
> Train / Subway
> Bank
> Education / Hospital
> Buildings
> Logistics

and more.

Extreme Visibility

High resolution at 360-degree surveillance area
Enables sharp rendering image of objects and people’s face.
Intelligent auto mode sharp images of moving object
Automatically optimizes camera parameters for best tuned image for various scenes, using techniques like Full Auto Shutter & Iris control, Backlit compensation , auto image stabilization.
High sensitivity with built-in IR LED    

Enables to visible objects by new i-PRO extreme camera with built-in IR light even 0 lux of dark condition.
Super Wide dynamic Range 108dB 
Both bright and dark area are visible by super wide dynamic function.

EXTREME Compression

New 360-degree camera is combining H.265/Video Compression with Panasonic Smart Coding Technology reduces bandwidth by maximum 95%* of conventional H.264/Video Compression. This security system maintains the quality of moving images while reducing bandwidth and storage costs.

Reference:Video Compression
Conventional H.264
           New H.265 i-PRO extreme
          New H.265 i-PRO extreme
                 with smart coding
* Value in Advanced mode with Smart Facial Coding depends on scene.

Extreme Data Security

Secure communication with DigiCert (formerly Symantec) certification
Vulnerability Assessment
 - 3rd party assessment and penetration tests made to achieve higher security standards
digicert Device Certification
- Pre-installed DigiCert (formerly Symantec) Certification
- Video tampering detection
End-to-End Data Encryption
- Support full encryption communication
- Camera encryption recording on-the-edge​
FIPS140-2 Level 1 CAVC compliant
(Federal Information Processing Standardization)
 - For federal/public safety usage

--> Learn more

Extreme Reliability

Achieves high endurance under extreme condition  *WV-X4571L(M)/S4550L(M)
The built-in electrical dehumidification keeps the camera dry inside, using electrolysis to remove any moisture from the camera. This anti-humidity technology is safe and green due to low power consumption and no heaters or mechanical fans being used.
Salt (Corrosion)-resistant screw (All the screws of the outer)
Prevention from fixation at maintenance.
Vandal Resistant
- Highly impact resistant.
- Compliant with IEC 60068-2-75 test Eh
- 50 J / IEC 62262 IK10.

Water & Dust  Resistant
- IP66
- NEMA 4X compliant.

Extreme Analytics

Complete with powerful intelligent functions
Heat mapping
This provides visualization of the traffic patterns by people and how long they stay in one place. For example, you can place products based on how people tend to flow within the store and arrange objects so that they do not interfere with the movement of people.
People Counting
This counts the number of people passing through a selected preset location.
The People Counting function can provide statistics on the number of people entering and leaving a specific zone and other useful data.
MOR(Moving Object Removal)
Enables monitoring of changes only to the surrounding environment by removing people and other moving objects from the video. This function can be used with camera images for confirming how products placed in a salesroom are selling while also respecting the privacy of customers in store surveillance.

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