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WV-X2551LN - IP Camera / Network Camera

Onvif Profile S, G, TH.265 / H.264 / JPEGAIIR LEDClear Sight Coating


5MP Vandal Resistant Outdoor Dome Network Camera with AI engine

• 5-megapixel images up to 30fps
• AI Intelligent Auto
• Color night vision (0.0044 to 0.07 lx)
• AI Smart Coding
• AI Detection/ Recognition
• Third-party application support
• ClearSight Coating

Spec sheets

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Presentation Material

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Certificate of Compliance

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Design tools

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The product page of IP Camera / Network Camera "WV-X2551LN" from the Panasonic Security System. You can download features, manuals and firmware, specification sheet and more for WV-X2551LN here.

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