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WV-SW397B - IP Camera / Network Camera

Onvif Profile S, GH.264 / JPEGHD 720/30pMEGA Super DynamicIP66 standard


Super Dynamic Weather Resistant HD PTZ Dome Network Camera

HD / 1,280 x 720 H.264 Weather Proof Camera featuring 45x extra optical zoom and Super Dynamic

Successor model : WV-X6511N

  • case 143 LOGAN CITY COUNCIL / Australia
    Surveillance City Surveillance Security
    LOGAN CITY COUNCIL Challenge/Mission/Solution: Goal: City Safe  and Facilities of local  Government, animal shelters, water reservoirs, sewage treatment plan...

Case Study of IP Camera / Network Camera "WV-SW397B" from the Panasonic Security System. We will provide you with accessories neccesary to use WV-SW397B.

WV-SW397B Case Study - Panasonic security system - Products