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WV-SC385 - IP Camera / Network Camera

Onvif Profile SH.264 / MPEG-4 / JPEGHD 720/30pMEGA Super Dynamic36x Extra Optical Zoom


Super Dynamic HD Dome Network Camera

12 V DC or PoE:NTSC, PAL

Successor model : WV-S6130

  • case 086 CITY OF LOVELAND / USA
    Surveillance City Surveillance
    Loveland, Colorado, implements citywide surveillance network with Panasonic. Challenge The shortcomings of an aging analog video surveillance system at the city of Loveland ar...
    Surveillance Education
    Following a firearm incident, a Florida school district partners with Panasonic for enhanced safety of students and faculty.. Challenge Bay District Schools headquarte...
  • case 044 Safety check of container handling operations / Japan
    Surveillance Logistics Security
    Project Outline - Network camera system for safety check of container handling operations - Introduction of network camera system for safety check of container handling operations. Sankyu Inc....
  • case 038 Foshan education and labor management / China
    Surveillance Government/Local Government Security
    Project Outline This project is full analog system, and it can also monitor video to be uploaded from DVR to the server over the network. It is installed to divide th...
  • case 031 Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor at Xian / China
    Surveillance Others Security
    Project Outline This surveillance project is reform monitoring project for the famous Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. It needs wholel HD network products, requires high-resolution images and ...
  • case 030 Academy of Agricultural Sciences / China
    Surveillance Others Others Security
    Project Outline Monitoring of agricultural information system is a new field of application for using Panasonic security product. Currently is just trial stage, but customer purchased 100 units. W...
  • case 026 Branch office building of Agricultural Bank of China Ltd / China
    Surveillance Banking & Finance Security
    Project Outline Project Name: Oriental Mandarin Agricultural Bank llocated east 40 street ...
  • case 018 Passurt 24 Co., Ltd. Remote monitoring system for bicycle parking space / Japan
    Surveillance Parking lot Security
    Remotely monitor bicycle parking space 24 hours.Support staffs watch over users Passurt 24 Co., Ltd. is based in Kumamoto City, and administers car/bicycle parking area and provides parking admini...
  • case 016 Kyushu TLO Company, Limited - Live monitoring supports the Sefuri ranch operation / Japan
    Kyushu TLO Company, Limited evolves its businesses around industry-university-government collaborating projects, such as licensing intellectual asset of Kyushu University, consulting practice as Ky...

Case Study of IP Camera / Network Camera "WV-SC385" from the Panasonic Security System. We will provide you with accessories neccesary to use WV-SC385.

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