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WV-SAE303 (People Count for Fisheye) - Intelligent Analytics

People Counting

WV-SAE303 (People Count for Fisheye)

Extension software for people count system

Software to solve marketing problems running in the 360-degree Dome Camera

* Compatible model : WV-X4173, WV-X4171, WV-X4571L, and WV-S4150

Market analysis with high precision people count function by the extension software

● Algorithm development on phenomena peculiar to exit / entrance such as U-turn and improvement of measurement accuracy.

● Automatically acquire, totalize, and output the people count results of up to 96 360-degree Dome Cameras with summary and graph display application software.

● Reduction of setup time and High precision number of people count are realized by easy operation of the person count setting tool (browser less setting) specialized exclusively for exit / entrance.

* Type differs depending on the camera, so please check the Compatibility chart.


The product page of Intelligent Analytics "WV-SAE303 (People Count for Fisheye)" from the Panasonic Security System. You can download features, manuals and firmware, specification sheet and more for WV-SAE303 (People Count for Fisheye) here.

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