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WV-ASE231 - i-PRO Management Software

Onvif (団体ロゴ)H.264 / MPEG-4 / JPEG


Extension software for using the Face Recognition System

i-VMD(Intelligent Video Motion Detection) track path display / Face matching and search result display

• To use the WV-ASF900, WV-ASM970 or WV-ASM200 with extension software WV-ASE231 is required.
• Extension Software for Facial Recognition Analytics Platform (WV-ASF900)
• Face Matching / Face Search / People counting results display on WV-ASM970 / WV-ASM200 screen
• i-VMD (Intelligent Video Motion Detection) tracking path display on WV-ASM970 / WV-ASM200 screen


The product page of i-PRO Management Software "WV-ASE231" from the Panasonic Security System. You can download features, manuals and firmware, specification sheet and more for WV-ASE231 here.

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