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WJ-RT416 Series - Analogue Recorders

WJ-RT416 Series

16CH Real-Time MPEG-4 Digital Disk Recorder

16CH Real-Time MPEG-4 Digital Disk Recorder supporting 480 ips (NTSC) / 400 ips (PAL)

• Equipped with 8 Dual Core Encoders, all 16 cameras can be recorded at 30 ips (NTSC) / 25 ips (PAL) per channel.
• MPEG-4: High quality and high compression technology for economical recording
• Supports multiplexed video and control data over the coax (4ch default, additional 4ch by optional board WV-PB4164) and RS-485 camera control (channel 1 ~ 16)
• Panasonic Camera Control: Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Preset Position, Auto mode (depends on the camera model) with a system controller, the monitoring software or the web browser.
• Various Recording Modes: Manual, Timer, Event (Pre/Post)


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