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Panasonic Security Viewer - Others

Panasonic Security Viewer

How to configure the settings

Panasonic Security Viewer for Android Panasonic Security Viewer for iPhone

Introduction of the application
Panasonic Security Viewer is an application that can view the images from i-PRO SmartHD Series / i-PRO EXTREME Network Cameras, i-PRO Network Disk Recorder (WJ-NV200/WJ-NV300/WJ-ND400/WJ-NX400/WJ-NX200/WJ-NX300) or Digital Video Recorder (WJ-HD616/WJ-HD716). By connecting a terminal to a 3G/4G or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), it is possible to view live images from cameras registered on the recorder and recorded images stored on recorders.
When the camera is directly connected, live audio (G.726 only) can be output.
Note: Panasonic Security Viewer does not support third-party cameras.

• Download the Panasonic Security Viewer application on the Google play™ store, Apple App Store.

To use the Panasonic Security Viewer via the Internet, it is recommended to register in the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service.

1) Network disk recorder
1-1) Live image: Live images from the network cameras connected to the recorder
1-2) Playback recorded images: Playback the images stored on the recorder
- Normal/Low load Playback feature: This feature is supported by the recorder (WJ-NV200/WJ-NV300/WJ-ND400/WJ-HD616/WJ-HD716/WJ-NX400/WJ-NX200/WJ-NX300).
- Mobile Playback feature: This feature is supported by Network Disk Recorder (WJ-NV300/WJ-NX400 /WJ-NX200/WJ-NX300).
1-3) Time & date search: Search the images to playback based on the time & date

2) Network camera
2-1) Live image: Live images and audio from the network cameras, and camera control *1
(Resolution switchover, focus, panning/tilting, zoom, preset position switchover)
*1 Depends on the network camera functions.
2-2) Playback recorded images: Playback the images stored on SD card of network camera. (H.264/H.265, No sound)
- This feature is supported by i-PRO SmartHD Network Camera (only H.264) and i-PRO EXTREME Network Camera (H.264/H.265).
2-3) Time & date search: Search the images to playback based on the time & date.
2-4) Evet search: Search and playback the images that alarm events occurred based on the start time & date and end time & date.
Supported Language: English / Japanese/ Simple Chinese

The application supports the following models
Supported Network Cameras
(A)Firmware Ver. 1.64 or later
WV-SW598(A), WV-SW397(A/B) , WV-SC588(A), WV-SC387(A), WV-SW458(M,MA) , WV-SF448(E), WV-SF438, WV-SW158, WV-SF138, WV-SW559, WV-SW558, WV-SF549, WV-SF548, WV-SF539, WV-SF538, WV-SP509, WV-SP508
(B) Firmware Ver. 2.00 or later
WV-SW395(A), WV-SC385, WV-SC384, WV-SW155(M/MA), WV-SW152(M), WV-SF135, WV-SF132, WV-SW115, WV-SP105, WV-SP102, WV-SW175, WV-SW172, WV-SW174W, WV-ST165, WV-ST162, WV-SW396(A), WV-SC386, WV-SW355, WV-SW352, WV-SF346 , WV-SF342, WV-SF336, WV-SF335, WV-SF332, WV-SW316(L), WV-SW314, WV-SP306, WV-SP305, WV-SP302, WV-NP502, WV-NW502S
(C) Firmware Ver. 1.84 or later
WV-SFV631(LT/L), WV-SFV611L, WV-SFR631L, WV-SFR611L, WV-SFN631L, WV-SFN611L, WV-SPW631(LT/ L), WV-SPW611(L), WV-SPN631, WV-SPN611, WV-SFV531, WV-SFR531, WV-SFN531, WV-SPW531AL, WV-SPW532L, WV-SPN531(A), WV-SFV311(A), WV-SFV310(A), WV-SFR311(A), WV-SFR310(A), WV-SFN311(A/L), WV-SFN310(A), WV-SPN311(A), WV-SPN310(A), WV-SPW311AL, WV-SPW312L, WV-SFV130(M), WV-SFV110(M), WV-SFN130, WV-SFN110, WV-SBV131M, WV-SBV111M, WV-SUD638
(D) Firmware Ver. 1.07 or later
WV-SFV481, WV-SFN480, WV-SFV781L, WV-SPV781L
(E) Firmware Ver. 1.20 or later
WV-S2531(LTN/LN), WV-S2511LN, WV-S2231L, WV-S2211L, WV-S2131(L), WV-S2130, WV-S2111L, WV-S2110, WV-S1531(LTN/ LN/ LNS), WV-S1511LN, WV-S1132, WV-S1131, WV-S1112, WV-S1111, WV-X6531(N/NS), WV-X6511N, WV-S6530N, WV-S6131, WV-S6111, WV-S6130, WV-S3532LM,WV-S3531L,WV-S3512LM,WV-S3511L,WV-S3131L,WV-S3111L
(F) Firmware Ver. 1.00 or later
WVS4550(L/LM), WV-S4150, WV-X4571L(L/LM), WV-X4171, WV-X4170, WV-X8570N, WV-S8530N, WV-S2550L,WV-S2250L, WV-S1550
(G) Firmware Ver. 2.42 or later
WV-V1170, WV-V1130(LK/ L1), WV-V2530(LK/ L1), WV-V6430L

Supported Recorders
WJ-NV300 Version 1.03 or later, WJ-ND400 Version 3.40 or later, WJ-NV200 Version 1.50 or later, WJ-HD616/716 Version 2.60 or later, WJ-NX400 Version 1.02 or later, WJ-NX200 Version 1.02 or later, WJ-NX300 Version 1.00 or later
Supported encoder
WJ-GXE100 Ver. 1.81 or later, WJ-GXE500 Ver.1.50 or later.

Download the application from here.

google play Available on the App Store


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