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Facial Recognition System for Genetec

Facial Recognition System for Genetec

*WV-ASF900 or WV-ASF950 (Facial Recognition Server Software) is required.

The following is the function of WV-ASF950.

• High performance facial recognition
High performance Deep Learning facial recognition function distinguishes face orientation, sunglasses, facial aging change

• Cost advantage
Up to 20 cameras can be connected to one server. Reduce the system total cost such as server cost, database cost, network cost etc.
*The number of cameras that can be connected is determined by the number of people passing and the retention period of the face image.

• System scalability
Up to 30,000 faces can be registered and WV-ASF950 can be used in large facilities.
(The basic composition of WV-ASF950 is 10,000 faces. Up to 30,000 faces can be added with Additional Face Registration Kit WV-ASFE951.)

* The WV-ASF950 includes license for 4 network cameras. To connect more than 5 cameras to the WV-ASF950, purchase WV-ASFE901 or WV-ASFE904 sold separately.


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