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BB-HNP17 - Others

Onvif (団体ロゴ)


Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software

H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG recording & monitoring
Images with sound from a LAN- or internet-connected network camera can easily be recorded and replayed from a remote PC. Images together with sound can be recorded, which gives a sense of actually being on site, something that cannot be conveyed with images alone. It is also possible to record images from multiple network cameras simultaneously. In addition to MPEG-4, Motion JPEG and H.264 for high compression and smooth movement is also supported, and mode can be selected according to application and environment.

* WV series network cameras connected over the Internet can only display JPEG images.
* WV series network cameras connected to the network camera recorder software on the same network(LAN) can display MPEG-4 and H.264 images.
* The WV series network cameras cannot record audio for MPEG-4 and H.264 images. When [MPEG-4] or [H.264] is selected in [Data Format], [Audio and Image] is displayed as inoperable.
* When WV series cameras are registered to this software and used, some of the procedures and specifications for using the WV series network cameras will differ to those listed in this page.Please refer to Specification Differences.

Support for Max. 2,048 x 1,536 (JPEG) Resolution Recording and Monitoring
Recording and monitoring of high resolution 2,048x1,536 (JPEG), 1,920x1,080(H.264) camera images are possible. In operating situations where detailed images are necessary, high quality images can be stored in a PC with the same high resolution.

Flexible Layout Setup Possible with Multi-monitoring Screen
It is possible to monitor from up to 16 cameras simultaneously on one screen. In case more than 16 cameras are registered, images from up to 64 cameras can be displayed on up to 128 pages with switching between screens. Switching can be done to provide full-screen display of camera images, and switching to single-screen view can be done by double-clicking on the camera image you wish to view.

Auto Scan Display under Multi-Monitoring
This function shows different multi-monitoring images at certain intervals and can switch into different pages of those images.


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