WV-SAE200 Panasonic Security System


Intelligent Video Motion Detection

Intelligent functions to make your security system operations easier and more secure

i-VMD Onvif (団体ロゴ)

・ Intruder detection: Detects the motion of objects in the shooting or detection area.

・ Loitering detection: Detects objects loitering for longer than a speci ed time from 10 sec to 5 min.

・ Direction detection: Detects objects moving in a speci ed direction.

・ Scene change detection: Detects interference caused by tampering with the camera, such as a manual change in the camera direction or blockage of the lens with cloth or spray paint.

・ Object detection: an object abandoned or removed in the area.

・ Cross line detection: Detects a moving object crosses the speci ed virtual lines.

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