BL-C101 Panasonic Security System


・10x Digital Zoom
・Audio 1-Way Communication
・AC Adaptor

10x Digital Zoom Function*
It's so reassuring to see your pet's happy face while you are out. A simple mouse operation is all you need to enlarge the image, using the 10x digital zoom, so you get a clear view of your pet's expression.
Click here for a demonstration of 10x digital zoom function.
* This feature is not available when viewing on a cell phone.

Multi-camera Capability*
Check the images from four cameras at once. Monitor 12 cameras in all, and display them all at once (with no audio). Use a recording program (BB-HNP11) to save images and audio to a PC hard disk.*1
*1-1 To use this function, one of the cameras must be registered with the addresses of all other cameras in advance. The 640 x 480 resolution cannot be used with the multi-screen display.
*1-2 Switching from the moving image mode to the still image mode reduces the load on the network. The still image mode is recommended when the Internet connection speed is 100 kbps or lower (guideline speed).
*1-3 This function can be used only with a PC. It cannot be used with a cell phone.

Built-in Microphone
Sounds picked up by the built-in microphone can be heard through the PC. Video monitoring with sound enhances security by providing additional information that images cannot convey.

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