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WV-X8571N - caméra IP / Caméra vidéo de réseau

Onvif Profile S, GH.265 / H.264 / JPEG4K ULTRA HDClear Sight CoatingiA (Intelligent Auto Mode)


4 x 4K(33MP) Multi-Sensor Network Camera

• 4 x 4K(33MP) 3840x2160 up to 15fps
• iA (intelligent Auto)
• Super Dynamic 120dB
• Color night vision (0.008 to 0.12 lx)
• H.265 Smart Coding
• ClearSight Coating
• Continuous view assistance
• Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism
• Fiber Optic Media Converter Unit (Optional WV-S25F1)

Extreme image quality for evidence capturing under challenging conditions
- Four repositionable lenses with easy adjustment include a wide range tilt angle mechanism minimizes blind spots
- Four high image quality 4K image sensors and produce a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels at up to 15 fps
- Sharp and clear images of fast moving vehicles with Intelligent Auto and ClearSight Coating
- Outstanding low light performance in true color with low noise for night time applications
- Super Dynamic 120dB for backlit situations and shadows on night streets
- Environmental durability : IP66, IK10 and Dehumidification device

Extreme bandwidth compression with new Panasonic H.265 Smart Coding
- Reduced the amount of transferred data and less storage space compared to any H.264 based compression techniques
- New self-learning ROI* encoding (Auto VIQS) dynamically detect motion areas to keep vehicles and human in good picture quality while lowering your bandwidth *Region of Interest

Extreme Data Security
- Full encryption SD card edge recording to keep your data safe
- FIPS140-2 CAVP compliant *Using encryption module standardized by FIPS publication 140-2
- Full end-to-end system encryption with supported VMS and devices to protect from IP snooping/spoofing and detect data alteration

Easy installation
- Continuous view assistance: After determining the monitor angle, set the lens to the specified position and the cameras will automatically zoom and focus to reduce the overlap of images from each camera.
- Installation time can be reduced by confirming live image and adjusting viewing angle with smartphone or tablet device via Wi-Fi connection.
- Allows you to connect the network cable to the camera body simply by opening a part of the package, which saves you time and workspace, especially when handling multiple cameras.

4 x True 4K high resolution
Can identify vehicles 100 feet diagonal from intersection corners at three lane streets

• Multi-Sensor Network Camera WV-X8571N / WV-S8531N

Capteur d'image
1/1.8 CMOS
Couleur d'éclairage min. (lx)
Illumination N/B min. (lx)
Résolution maximale
4K (3,840 x 2,160)
Maximum FPS
Super Dynamique
Compensation d’image
Extension noire adaptative, Compensation de contre-jour (BLC), Compensation de voile, Compensation de forte intensité lumineuse (HLC), Réduction de bruit numérique
ABF (Auto back focus)/mise au point automatique/Assistance de mise au point
Diode électroluminescente à lumière infrarouge
Stabilisateur d'image
Mode de couloir
Zone de confidentialité
iA (intelligent Auto - auto intelligente)
Analytique vidéo
VMD intelligent (i-VMD)
Longueur focale
f=4.6mm, {3/16 inches}, F1.6
Rapport de zoom
Champ angulaire de vision (16:9)
H: 97 deg. V: 53 deg.
Champ angulaire de vision (4:3)
Détecter (25ppm / 8ppf)
67.9 m / 222.9 ft
Observer (62,5ppm / 19ppf)
27.2 m / 89.2 ft
Reconnaître (125ppm / 38ppf)
13.6 m / 44.6 ft
Identifier (250ppm / 76ppf)
6.8 m / 22.3 ft
Limites de balayage panoramique
360 deg.
Limites d’inclinaison
Sensor1,2,3: +30 - +80 deg. / Sensor4: -15 - +80 deg.
IF réseau
10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T, Connecteur RJ45
Codec vidéo
H.265, H.264, JPEG
Mode de transmission (H.265/H.264)
Taux binai. cons., Débit binaire variable, Fréquence de trame, Meilleur effort
Codage intelligent
Prise en charge du son
Microphone incorporé
Microphone/entrée de ligne
Sortie son
Fente de chargement de carte de mémoire SD
Bornes d'entrée-sortie externes
Humidité ambiante de service
Résistance au vandalisme
IK10 (IEC62262)
Résistance à l'eau et à la poussière
IP66 (IEC60529), Type 4X(UL50E), NEMA 4X
Revêtement ClearSight/Revêtement d’élimination d’eau de pluie
Revêtement ClearSight
Dispositif de déshumidification
Température (degré, Celsius) Maxi.
Température (degré, Celsius) Min.
Température (degré, Fahrenheit) Maxi.
Température (degré, Fahrenheit) Min.
Source d’alimentation
PoE+, 12 V c.c.
Profil ONVIF
S, G

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