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WV-SW395 - caméra IP / Caméra vidéo de réseau

Onvif Profile SH.264 / MPEG-4 / JPEGHD 720/30pMEGA Super DynamicIP66 standard


Caméra vidéo réseau dôme à résistante aux intempéries HD Super Dynamic

24 V c.a. ou PoE Plus: NTSC, PAL

  • case 097 Wayne Memorial Hospital / USA
    Surveillance Health care
    Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, N.C., an affiliate of Wayne Health Corp., is an advanced medical care facility with a network of 14 off-campus practices. Celebrating more than 100 years in th...
  • case 044 Safety check of container handling operations / Japan
    Surveillance Logistics Security
    Project Outline - Network camera system for safety check of container handling operations - Introduction of network camera system for safety check of container handling operations. Sankyu Inc....
  • case 032 Qinchun hospital / China
    Surveillance Health care Security
    Project Outline Project Outline-For prison surveillance system under the hospital -Installed of about 400 units cameras and  Rui-net  backend
  • case 153 Safe City Camera System / Slovakia
    City Surveillance
    Challenge: improve security for inhabitants and visitors of Nitra Solution while combining rotating and static IP cameras with HD and full HD video resolution Image sha...

Case Study of caméra IP / Caméra vidéo de réseau "WV-SW395" from the Panasonic Security System. We will provide you with accessories neccesary to use WV-SW395.

WV-SW395 Étude de cas - Système de sécurité Panasonic - Produits