Extreme Compression

What's Extreme Compression ?

The differences between "Existing coding" and "Extreme Compression" are shown in the right table.

Reference:Smart Coding

Combining H.265/Video Compression with Panasonic Smart Coding Technology reduces bandwidth by maximum 75% of conventional H.264/Video Compression.
This security system maintains the quality of moving images while reducing bandwidth and storage costs.

H.265(HEVC) / Video Compression

Industry standard H.265/Video compression delivers high quality images while reducing streaming and storage requirements by approximately 50 percent over H.264/Video Compression. 
H.264/Video Compression is processed divided into blocks of 16 × 16 pixels, H.265/Video comprerssion is changed the block size to 64 × 64,32 × 32,16 × 16 pixels depend on fineness of the image.

*Picture is simulated.

Smart Coding Technology

- GoP(Group of pictures)control
The codec is comprised of I-Frame, which records all video information, and other frames that depict the difference. Although information encoded at regular intervals with I-Frame is necessary, collecting all the data will increase the size of the data file. While maintaining smooth, high quality video, Smart Coding reduces the size of the file by cropping the motionless I-frame scenes. Reducing the size of the data file extends the recording duration and reduces the load on the network.

Reference: GoP control
- Auto-VIQS(Variable Image Quality on Specified Area)
The camera automatically detects and reduces the resolution of stationary scenes within the frame, which reduces the size of the data file. Retaining high-resolution of the scene within the frame that needs to bemonitored improves monitoring efficiency.
Self learning algorithm analyzes area of motion. The scene shown to the right, for example, displays the low bitrate of unnecessary scenes, such as the wall, while of maintaining the resolution of the road where cars are moving.
Turn the Smart Coding settings to “High” to automatically activate Auto VIQS.

Reference: Auto-VIQS
- Smart Facial Coding
The camera automatically determines what portion of the footage is important, such as moving objects and people’s faces, and what is not important.
The quality of the unimportant sections of the image is reduced without compromising the quality of the important section of the image.
This system optimizes the data size.
On top of integrating Smart Coding into the conventional GOP Controls,the improved compression efficiency through Auto-VIQS and Long-Term Compression combined with Smart Facial Coding, which detects faces and maintains the quality of only faces, can compress the file drastically to reduce the data size.

Evaluating results

Small movement scene
Large movment scene

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