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WV-S2136L - Cámara de IP / Cámara de red

Onvif Profile S, G, TH.265 / H.264 / JPEGFULL HD 1080/60pAIEXTREME Super Dynamic


Full HD Indoor Dome Network Camera with AI engine

• Full HD 1080p up to 60fps
• Intelligent Auto (iA)
• Super Dynamic 144dB
• Color night vision (0.007 to 0.009 lx)
• Smart Coding

WV-S2136 has onboard AI functionality. AI-based high precision analysis helps surveillance operations and crime prevention
operations more efficiently, whereas these operations previously required dedicated manpower.
There are 3 main AI functions available through the camera: detecting changes in captured scenes, optimizing the image settings of
the camera (based on captured scene analysis) for better image usability, and optimizing video compression through captured
scenes to save bandwidth at 50%* lower than existing cameras while maintaining image quality.
*Compared to Smart Coding ON with H.265

Optimization of image quality and data compression using AI engine
- AI detects, identifies and determines movement and object (humans, vehicles and two-wheel motorcycles / bicycles).
- Intelligent Auto and Color Night Vision determine human faces and captures them in the most visible state.
- Smart Coding determines moving objects, identifies where there is no movement, and performs efficient data compression.

Easy installation and usability
- Multi AI Server is a easily and quickly search function based on the face, person attributes, and vehicle attributes
detected by AI, and is composed of AI plug-in software, Edge AI application, and Server AI software.
- Camera with AI engine automatically applies optimal settings, allowing you to capture high-quality images effortlessly.
- Easy Kitting connect the network cable to the camera body simply by opening a part of the packaging, saving you time and
working space.

3rd party relationship
- To enable 3rd party companies to develop their applications using SDK.
- Users can freely combine applications and introduce analysis software that is the best match for their requirements.

Sensor de imagen
1/2.8 CMOS
Iluminación mín. a color (lx)
Iluminación mín. B/N (lx)
0.0 (50IRE, F1.3,1/30s with IR LED)
Resolución máxima
2MP – 3MP (1,080p / 2,048 x 1,536)
FPS máximos
Super Dynamic
Compensación de la imagen
Expansión de negro adaptable, Compensación de contraluz (BLC), Compensación antiniebla, Compensación de luz alta (HLC), Reducción de ruido digital
Color/blanco y negro
ABF (Distancia focal posterior automática)/Enfoque automático/Asistencia para el enfoque
ABF (Distancia focal posterior automática)
Estabilizador de imagen
Modo corredor
Zona privada
iA (automática inteligente)
Analítica de vídeo
AI-VMD, Protección de privacidad AI
VMD inteligente (i-VMD)
Distancia focal
2.9 - 9 mm {1/8 inches - 11/32 inches}
Relación de zoom
Campo de visión angular (16:9)
H: 36–115deg, V: 20–61deg
Campo de visión angular (4:3)
H: 28–82deg, V: 20–61deg
Detectar (25ppm / 8ppf)
Wide: 24.5 m / 80.3 ft, Tele: 118.2 m / 387.7 ft
Observar (62,5ppm / 19ppf)
Wide: 9.8 m / 32.1 ft, Tele: 47.3 m / 155.1 ft
Reconocer (125ppm / 38ppf)
Wide: 4.9 m / 16.1 ft, Tele: 23.6 m / 77.5 ft
Identificar (250ppm / 76ppf)
Wide: 2.4 m / 8.0 ft, Tele: 11.8 m / 38.8 ft
Margen de panoramización
-240 to +120°
Margen de inclinación
-30 to +85°
Interfaz de la red
10Base-T, 100Base-TX
Códec de vídeo
H.265, H.264, JPEG
Modo de transmisión (H.265/H.264)
Velocidad en bits constante, Velocidad en bits variable, Velocidad en fotogramas, Mejor logro
Codificación inteligente
Soporte de audio
Micrófono incorporado
Cable de entrada de micrófono/línea
Salida de audio
Ranura de la tarjeta de memoria SD
Terminales de entrada/salida externa
Humedad ambiental de funcionamiento
Resistencia al vandalismo
Impermeabilidad y resistencia al polvo
Revestimiento ClearSight/Revestimiento contra la lluvia
Dispositivo de deshumidificación
Temperatura (grados, Celsius) Máx.
Temperatura (grados, Celsius) Mín.
Temperatura (grados, Fahrenheit) Máx.
Temperatura (grados, Fahrenheit) Mín.
PoE, 12 V CC
Certificado de dispositivo SSL
Perfil S de ONVIF
S, G, T

The product page of Cámara de IP / Cámara de red "WV-S2136L" from the Panasonic Security System. You can download features, manuals and firmware, specification sheet and more for WV-S2136L here.

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