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GP-UH532 Series - Productos industriales

GP-UH532 Series

4K Ultra HD Remote Head Camera

3MOS 4K Ultra HD Camera Head GP-UH532H
/ GP-UH532HA ( from July 2018)
4K Ultra HD Camera Control Unit GP-UH532C
/ GP-UH532CA ( from July 2018)

Camera cable 3m : GP-UC532G03 / GP-UC532G03A
6m : GP-UC532G06 / GP-UC532G06A
15m : GP-UC532G15 / GP-UC532G15A
Extension cable 6m : GP-UC532G6AJ ( from July 2018)
About connection compatibility between new and old
GP-UH532 series, please see the below “Camera cable”

Realistic 4K ultra high definitionGP-UH532 series

This product supports 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), which provides four times the resolution of Full HD, and a horizontal resolution of 1600 TV lines. Support for 59.94p/50p also provides smooth images.
Our unique technology refined over many years enables amazing ultra high definition and faithful color reproduction.
Additionally, it also supports ITC-R BT.2020, making it able to reproduce nearly all colors in the specified color reproduction range.

Unique Panasonic 3MOS

Our technology enables accurate color separation of the three primary colors of light (Red, Green, and Blue) using the same technology as professional cameras in broadcasting stations. A specialized sensor is used to process each color resulting in excellent color reproduction.

12-axis image adjustment function

In addition to the six axes for RGB and CyMgYe, intermediate colors can be manually adjusted to perform detailed tuning according to the user and intended application.

Digital Zoom function

The zoom can be set between 1x to 2.5x in steps of 0.1x.


Ultra compact and light camera head

Whether 4K or HD, the camera heads are the same compact size. This allows the head to be used in many situations requiring a small profile.

Image enhancement functions

■ WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

The dynamic range expansion function brightens dark areas while controlling the amount of overexposure.

■ Dark Area Correction

The adaptive black stretch function brightens dark areas.

■ Overexposure Reduction

The exposure correction function controls the amount of overexposure.

■ Smoke Correction

The smoke correction function clears white blur.

■ Color Enhancement

The color enhancement function enhances the selected color.

■ Fluorescent Image

Set the image quality suitable for each fluorescent image capture mode. (ICG · 5ALA · fluorescein)
* It can be adjusted in detail.This image was captured in ICG mode.

High quality

Chemical-resistant coatinghead

The chassis is treated with a chemical-resistant coating to prevent deterioration when using disinfectants and cleansers.

Complies with medical safety standards

• IEC60601-1 (3rd Edition)
• IEC60601-1-2 (3rd Edition)
* When using the designated AC adapter MPU60A-105.


Designed for medical environments

Ease of operation has been achieved through the highly visible layout design and easy to handle button shapes.
Rotary volume dials are adopted and can be used to move the cursor during menu operation in addition to adjusting the red, blue, and brightness. In addition, the dials can also be stored to prevent operation mistakes and the flat panel allows for easy cleaning after use.

Simultaneous 4K outputGP-UH532 series

Simultaneous monitoring and recording with high image quality is possible due to the ability to output two 4K signals simultaneously using HDMI and SDI. In addition to 4K images, Full HD images (1080p/1080i) can be output at
the same time for use with Full HD monitors and recorders.
Extra devices are not necessary and smooth migration from existing environments is possible.

User profile function

The included user profile function supports six profiles on-board. It is possible to change the user configuration by simply inserting a USB memory drive and using the save/load functions. PROFILE 1 to PROFILE 4 are templates for each
These template profile settings are based on actual surgeries, but they can be modified as necessary.
The settings appropriate for fluorescent image capturing are preset in PROFILE 5 and PROFILE 6.

Foot switch

Even when you cannot use your hands, the camera can be operated with ease by connecting the foot switch. Using the foot switch to switch profiles, freeze, flip, mirror and zoom in/out the camera allows smooth operation in medical environments. The foot switch can be assigned two functions using CH1/CH2.

Camera cable

The lineup includes 3, 6 and 15 m cables, and changes to the cable length
are automatically detected, which eliminates the need to change settings.

Please do not use new and old GP-UH532 series together since there is no connection compatibility between them.

(*1) Only the camera cable GP-UC532G03A/06A/15A can be used with both new and old series.


*1. It can be assigned two functions within the foot switch setting.
*2. These template profile settings are based on actual surgeries, but they can be modified as necessary.


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