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Network Camera

・Simultaneous H.264 or MPEG-4 and JPEG
・3x Digital zoom function(by area)
・Compact Size and Good Conformity with the Ceiling
・Sound Detection & Shock Detection Sensor
・Easy Installation on Ceiling / Wall
・Easy PoE Power Suplly
・SD/SDHC Memory Card Recording

Compact Size and Good Conformity with the Ceiling
The size of BB-HCM701 is about 60% of its previous model*. This downsized camera is easy to be attached to the ceiling without deteriorating the appearance of the place. If you use Ceiling Flush Mount Bracket ( BB-HCA11 ) for attaching BB-HCM701 to the ceiling, the camera can be built in the ceiling, and so its appearance is kept good.
* Compared to BB-HCM527

Sound Detection & Shock Detection Sensor
When BB-HCM701 senses or detects any sound or shock happening around the camera, this camera is designed to take a picture of anything relevant and temporarily save the relevant picture image*1. Such saved picture image can be checked on the screen for temporarily-saved picture images or saved on your PC. You can also transfer the saved picture image (must be in form of JPEG) to your e-mail address, FTP Server, HTTP Server and so on.
Note*1 Any picture image in form of H.264 or MPEG-4 cannot be saved temporarily or transferred.Any picture image in form of MPEG cannot be saved temporarily or transferred either if the max. image size is set at [1280 x 960 dots]

Easy Installation on Ceiling / Wall
BB-HCM701 can be easily installed not only on the ceiling but also on the wall. BB-HCM701 installed on the ceiling shows you what is going on from the overhead position, while BB-HCM701 installed on the wall shows you what is going on from almost the same position as our eyes. Thus, you can monitor and watch what is going on in several places from various positions if you install BB-HCM701 on the ceiling and/or the wall at your discretion.

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The product page of Productos de red para el hogar "BB-HCM701" from the Panasonic Security System. You can download features, manuals and firmware, specification sheet and more for BB-HCM701 here.

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