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Cesar E Chavel Memorial Building / USACase example of Panasonic security system

Cesar E Chavel Memorial Building / USA

The César E. Chávez Memorial Building is a ten-story, 180,000 square foot facility that is home to seven federal agencies and acts as a gateway into Denver's Civic and Justice Center-the largest saturation of federal buildings outside of Washington, D.C. The federal agencies in residence provide a variety of services to the local community as well as other city, county, state and national communities, supporting more than 400 employees and nearly 100 visitors each day.
The César E. Chávez building needed to upgrade from an outdated analog system to a complete, digitally-integrated security solution. The solution would require exterior and interior monitoring, coordination, and recording.

The new security installation included 46 indoor and outdoor Panasonic i-PRO HD 720p security cameras and four i-PRO NV200 SmartHD network disk recorders in the command and control room feeding four 47" monitors.

The solution created a reliable system that delivers complete coverage and recording for the entire César E. Chávez building. The integrated Panasonic network runs smoothly and efficiently to supply full visual access and secure video storage.
An extensive renovation of the building was completed in 2012, effectively transforming the César E. Chávez building into a state-of-the-art, high-performing green facility and earning the property a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) gold certification. In addition to building improvements and sustainable design strategies, a key priority of the renovation was a complete overhaul of the building's existing security and surveillance system. A security systems officer with the Federal Protective Service (FPS), a federal law enforcement agency that provides integrated security and law enforcement services to federally owned and leased buildings, facilities, properties and other assets, commissioned the work.

His primary goal was replacing the existing, aging analog system with a new, IP-based surveillance system to better protect the people, the building and property, and provide more advanced perimeter surveillance around the exterior of the building. COVERING ALL ANGLES To achieve the security goals set forth by the FPS security systems officer, Steve Didier of Didier Denver designed and installed a complete security and surveillance solution from Panasonic including a network of 46 indoor and outdoor i-PRO HD 720p security cameras. The video from the cameras was channeled to four i-PRO NV200 SmartHD network disk recorders in the command and control room and displayed on four 47" monitors.

The improved command center allowed a limited security team to control and monitor the entire building from one secure location. The system's design enabled the team to leverage existing power lines to reduce installation costs and the housings were specifically chosen to ensure cameras could be taken out of their enclosures quickly and easily for any necessary adjustments or repairs. With the new, advanced IP system in place, the building's security team benefits from crystal clear HD images and can monitor activity in and around the building at all times. “Because the system was end-to-end Panasonic, it made things easy for us because everything just works together seamlessly and is easy to deploy” - Steve Didier, Didier Denver The security systems officer with FPS and the local security team at the César E. Chávez Memorial Building in Denver have been thrilled with the results. Since the Panasonic system deployed in late 2013, it has brought reliability and consistency, delivering crystal clear HD images of the interior and exterior of the building with no equipment failures or other issues.

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Panasonic helps transform César E. Chávez Memorial Building with state-of-the-art security solution.

Cesar E Chavel Memorial Building / USA