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HU UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES CHOOSES CAMERAMANAGER / NetherlandsCase example of Panasonic security system


HU University of Applied Sciences is one of The Netherlands largest universities, offering more than 36.000 students, 100 different master & bachelor courses. The university has been using Cameramanager as their primary surveillance solution since 2009.

'The proposition of Cameramanager fits HU University of Applied Sciences perfectly. By using their cloud based camera surveillance solution, our security is more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient.' Wouter van Dijk, Project leader at HU University of Applied Sciences.

Offering the flexibility large organizations need

'With traditional solutions like recorders, it is difficult to expand the system because of a set number of licences and storage capacity. With Cameramanager, expanding the number of cameras is done much more easily, because there is no limit on the number of licences and cloud storage is scalable . This offers us a degree of flexibility that a large organization like ours expect from services used.' explains Wouter van Dijk. He also explains that another advantage of Cameramanager is that it is under continuous development and being improved on a daily basis. This offers HU University of Applied Sciences a more future-proof solution for their security, because the system is not outdated within a couple of years.

'This offers us a degree of flexibility.'

Secure and surveill assets

The University of Applied Sciences uses the cloud based security system of Cameramanager to secure and surveill their assets. 'We have installed the cameras to make sure our assets are kept safe and, if a security incident occurs we have images of the event.' explains Wouter van Dijk. At HU University of Applied Sciences cameras are not constantly monitored. Footage is only viewed after an event has occurred. This is done by an external security company who is granted access to the Cameramanager account of the University of Applied Sciences. By giving the security company access the Cameramanager solution, HU University of Applied Sciences can outsource these activities with ease.
Live streaming in three different cases

When Cameramanager and the University of Applied Sciences first starting working together, Cameramanager was installed at the construction site of a new campus. Via a website a live video feed was being streamed, so all interested parties - from students, to employees and everybody else - could follow the construction site progress.

Access all cameras from all locations.

After the campus was completed, the school used Cameramanager during their Housing Campaign. This campaign was aiming to grow awareness of the different locations on the new campus and let students interact with each other. Ten cameras were placed in different locations.
By showing the Cameramanager app on tv-screens next to the cameras, students and employees were able to see other places on the new campus, communicate and play games with each other standing at other locations.

Currently HU University of Applied Sciences is using Cameramanager for securing the outdoor facade of their buildings and multiple indoor rooms.

Access all cameras within the same dashboard

Wouter van Dijk is aiming to install Cameramanager on all locations of the University of Applied Sciences. He visions a situation without local servers and recorders per location, but to be able to access all cameras from all locations within the same application and dashboard. 'Having the same security solution in all of our locations, will make managing our security more flexible, cost-efficient and accessible.
Also, with the advanced user management offered in the Cameramanager software, it is very easy to give employees access to only certain cameras or on specific hours. This way I have better management of who has access to what part of our security.'
Solutions like Cameramanager are the future

'As a large Enterprise like us, cloud based video surveillance solutions such as Cameramanager are the future. The high flexibility in adding new cameras, the scalability of the solution, the ability to give other vendors (such as a security company) access to our account and the constant development of the software, make Cameramanager an ideal solution. I am very pleased with having our security in the cloud, and recommend Cameramanager also for other universities and schools.'

'I am very pleased with having our security in the cloud, and recommend Cameramanager also for other universities and schools.'

About HU University of Applied Sciences

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht seeks to promote innovation, standards in professional practice, and the development of talent through high-quality education and research. Their students include not only new entrants to the labour market, but also professionals who are already in employment and wish to update, refine, expand or deepen their existing knowledge and skills. The university has over 36,000 students with over 100 different nationalities. Most of their European students come from Belgium, France, Germany, Bulgaria and Spain. Most of their non-European students come from Morocco, Surinam, China, Indonesia and Russia. For more information about HU University visit

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