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Sheffield Valley Leisure Park / UKCase example of Panasonic security system

Sheffield Valley Leisure Park / UK

That’s Centertainment! Panasonic style.
As part of the park’s original design specification in 1998, a security plan was implemented which included a purpose built security office and a dedicated CCTV system. As the park grew in popularity and expanded its customer base, the site’s management group, Donaldson’s, felt an upgrade to the system was necessary to take advantage of technological developments in surveillance technology; protecting the safety of its clientele as well as it’s long term economic future.

Panasonic Premier Integrator, Reflex Systems of South Yorkshire, has significant expertise in this sector and is a longterm partner at other similar sites owned by Donaldson’s, the management group of Sheffield Valley Centertainment. With this long-standing relationship, Reflex was an obvious choice to meet the owner’s objective of better site management, achieved via a significantly upgraded high-performance surveillance system.
Situated in Sheffield, in the heart of the Don Valley, the Valley Leisure Park complements the adjacent Sheffield Arena and Don Valley stadium, as one of Sheffield’s premier leisure facilities. Attracting thousands of visitors each week, the leisure park boasts one of the UK’s largest multiplex cinemas with over 20 screens, a large Hollywood Bowl complex, and multiple restaurants, including Old Orleans, Frankie and Benny’s, Chiquito, The Boardwalk and a Burger King.
High-spec surveillance
After a comprehensive audit of the site, David Kynman and Steve Ward, Reflex’s Group Sales Director and Projects Director (respectively), specified a Panasonic based solution to meet with Mike Jeffries’ specific requirements.

To meet the objectives, Reflex installed Panasonic’s WV-CW860 dome cameras throughout the site. The WV-CW860’s integrated housing is specifically developed for ‘all weather’ outdoor use, making this camera unit the ideal choice for exterior surveillance of the park.

The system’s camera images are transmitted via coax cabling to an onsite control room. Manned 24 hours a day, it is equipped with Panasonic 17” colour monitors and a 16-channel digital recorder. Programmed to record 120 images per second, it allows operators to review crystal clear images of any incidents captured, making the identification of individuals involved an easier task. Video playback and review is controlled intuitively via a corresponding Panasonic WV-CU650CJ/B controller that also manages the system’s WJ-SX150A camera switching matrix. The WV-CU650CJ/B controller was chosen for Valley Centertainment due to its busy control room environment. Several operator shifts a day results in many different user preferences.
Mike Jeffries employs Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed operators in the Valley Centertainment control room. Mike explains the advantages: “Using only SIA qualified staff ensures our control room conforms to best practice standards. Our investment in industry leading Panasonic technology allows for an effective overview of any potential or actual incidents, whilst the corresponding investment in our staff training guarantees a measured and professional response to situations.”

The new system comprehensively covers the site’s award-winning secure car park area comprising of parking for 1,200 cars, business units, (including their back of house service areas), a dedicated tram stop on Sheffield’s SuperTram network, and arterial roadways, pubs and other industrial units surrounding the site.
“A successful public entertainment venue would require a vast amount of human resource without a high-performance CCTV surveillance system like ours”
“The Panasonic surveillance system has been integral in our gaining a Safer Parking Award from the Associated Police. Since the system was installed there hasn’t been a single incident of vehicle theft from our car parks, whilst accidental damage to any vehicles left on the premises can be quickly resolved if any ‘parking mishaps’ are captured on our high-definition surveillance system.”

Utilising the Panasonic technology at their fingertips, Valley Centertainment staff have the ability to track individuals’ deep into the park’s surrounding areas. “We regularly assist the police with investigations into road traffic accidents and altercations outside the local pub, as these events have usually been caught on our cameras,” explains Mike: “Staff often find the system is useful as an emergency device in a variety of ways. The team have, in the past, been alerted to a rear door on one of the premises that developed a latch fault, as the staff were locking up for the evening. On alerting the control room operators, we were able to train a camera on the door and monitor the premises remotely until it could be repaired early the next day. This saved substantially on manpower, negating the need for a member of the security team to be physically present, to monitor the door all night.

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That’s Centertainment! Panasonic style.As part of the park’s original design specification in 1998, a security plan was implemented which included ...

Sheffield Valley Leisure Park / UK