Firmware of WV-SFV311A/SFV310A/SFR311A/SFR310A/SFN311A/SFN310A/SPW531AL/SPW532L/SPW311AL/SPW312L/SPN531A/SPN311A/SPN310A

- Latest Version

    Region File Name Version File Type Size Date
    NTSC/PAL V2.58 zip 30.0MB Mar 6, 2018
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- Previous Version

    -- For WV-SFV311A/SFV310A/SFR311A/SFR310A/SFN311A/SFN310A/SPW531AL/SPW532L/SPW311AL/SPN531A/SPN311A/SPN310A only
    RegionFile NameVersionFile TypeSizeDate
    NTSC/PALsfv311A_200ES.zipV2.00zip30.0MBDec 25, 2015
    -- For WV-SPW312L only
    RegionFile NameVersionFile TypeSizeDate
    NTSC/PALsfv311A_201ES.zipV2.01zip30.0MBJan 18, 2016
    -- For all above models
  • [New Functions and addendum(Fimware V2.50)]EN
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