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No.1  Software of WV-SAE100/SAE200

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- Latest Version

    Notes on upgrading WV-SAE200 (TYPE3) for WV-SFV481/SFN480:
  • WV-SAE200 (TYPE3) version 1.20 requires WV-SFV481/SFN480 firmware version 2.02 (or newer).
  • Please refer to the instructions how to upgrade WV-SFV481/SFN480 firmware and WV-SAE200 (TYPE3).
  • sfv481_sae200_info_1602_en.pdf
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- Previous Version

    Region Type File Name Version File Type Size Date
    NTSC/PAL Type4 V1.00 zip 10.5KB Mar 24, 2017

No.2  Manual of WV-SAE100/SAE200

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- Operating Instructions

Language File Name File Type Size Date
English PGQP1513SAJ5_WV-SAE200_OI_en.pdf  pdf 2.39MB Aug 03, 2017
German PGQP1515SAJ5_WV-SAE200_OI_de.pdf  pdf 2.39MB Aug 03, 2017
Spanish PGQP1516SAJ5_WV-SAE200_OI_es.pdf  pdf 2.41MB Aug 03, 2017
French PGQP1514SAJ5_WV-SAE200_OI_fr.pdf  pdf 2.42MB Aug 03, 2017
Italian PGQP1517SAJ5_WV-SAE200_OI_it.pdf  pdf 2.42MB Aug 03, 2017
Russian PGQP1518SAJ5_WV-SAE200_OI_ru.pdf  pdf 2.47MB Aug 03, 2017
Chinese PGQP1519TAJ5_WV-SAE200_OI_zh.pdf pdf 2.24MB June 19, 2017

No.3  Spec sheet of WV-SAE200

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File NamePaper SizeFile TypeSizeDate
WV-SAE200-A4.pdf A4pdf512KBJune 22, 2017
WV-SAE200-LTR.pdf LTRpdf515KBJune 22, 2017

No.4  WV-SAE100 ( For face detection function )

Item Registration Rremarks
( For face detection function)
Oct. 2013
About the face detection function of i-PRO SmartHD camera extension software. You can download it from the following URL, and extract the file after downloading. You need to register it on Key management system for activation.

  • Model: i-PRO SmartHD camear

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