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No.1  Software of WV-ASM970

- Latest Version

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION to avoid start up failure after Windows security update (KB3126593).
      Step1: Exit WV-ASM970.
      Step2: Download "",then unzip it to restore "ASM970copyDLL.bat".
      Step3: Double-click the "ASM970copyDLL.bat" to run.
    For more details, please refer to "Summary and Treatment instruction".
    Click here to view the previous version.

- Previous Version

No.2  Manual of WV-ASM970

- Installation Guide

- Brochure

- Help File

No.3  A&E Spec of WV-ASC970/ASM970

--> for Japanese Download Site

- NTSC (Except Japan)

File NameFile TypeSizeDate
WV-ASC970_ASM970_AE_spec(Russia_Europe)_r3.zipzip20.3KBAug 6, 2014
WV-ASC970_ASM970_AE_spec_r3.zipzip20.1KBAug 6, 2014

No.4  Spec sheet of WV-ASC970/ASM970/ASE901/ASE902/ASE903

--> for Japanese Download Site

File NamePaper SizeFile TypeSizeDate
WV-ASC970-ASM970_2A-052MA.pdfA4pdf508KBNov 19, 2015
WV-ASC970-ASM970_2A-052ML.pdfLTRpdf510KBNov 19, 2015

No.5  Presentation Material of WV-ASM970

File Name Size Date 5.74MB Jan.30, 2014
ASM970 introduction_V2_20101007.pdf 2.25MB - 3.84MB Jul.7, 2014

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