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No.1  About the face matching function of WJ-NV200 extension software

Item Registration Remarks
Sep. 2013
Preparation of the extension software and registration of license To register the license for the Additional Business Intelligence Kit, the extension software is required. Before registering the license, perform the following procedure.

  1. Purchase the Additional Business Intelligence Kit.
  2. Obtain the extension software. Download the software in this page.
  3. Prepare an SD memory card. Format the SD memory card* using the recorder. ( "Format SD memory card" on page 44 of the Operating Instructions) After the format, the following directory will automatically be generated on the SD memory card. (drive):\PRIVATE\MEIGROUP\PSS\NVR\EXT_SOFT * Recommended SDHC/SD memory card Manufactured by Panasonic SDHC memory card: 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB SD memory card: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB
  4. Save the downloaded file on the SD memory card. Remove the formatted SD memory card from the recorder. Save the file "NVF20.ext" downloaded and extracted in Step 1 in the "EXT_SOFT" folder.
  5. Insert the SD memory card into the recorder. Insert the SD memory card on which the extension software is saved into the recorder.
  6. Register the license. Register the license for the Additional Business Intelligence Kit with the SD memory card inserted. Refer to the "Activation Key Card" or the Operating Instructions of the Additional Business Intelligence Kit for how to register the license.
Jul. 2014
"FaceApp" is a statistical chart display software using CSV files downloaded by Additional Business Intelligence Kit WJ-NVF20/WJ-NVF30.

No.2  Manual of NVF20

Document Name File Name Size Date Note
Operating Instructions
3TR006926CDB_WJ-NVF20_en.pdf 1.29MB Dec 27, 2013 English
PGQP1120YAD1_WJ-NVF20_OI_fr.pdf 1.39MB Dec 27, 2013 French
PGQP1121YAD1_WJ-NVF20_OI_de.pdf 1.33MB Dec 27, 2013 German
PGQP1123YAD1_WJ-NVF20_OI_es.pdf 1.34MB Dec 27, 2013 Spanish
PGQP1122YAD1_WJ-NVF20_OI_it.pdf 1.27MB Dec 27, 2013 Italian
PGQP1125YAD1_WJ-NVF20CH_OI_zh.pdf 5.11MB Dec 27, 2013 Chinese

No.3  Presentation Material of WJ-NVF20

File Name Size Date 4.79MB Dec 27, 2013
NVF20_introduction_v1.00.pdf 0.99MB Oct. 4, 2011

No.4  Specsheet of NVF20

File Name Size Date
Jul 17, 2014

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