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CALBEE, Inc. Monitoring camera system for food defense / JapanCase example of Panasonic security system

CALBEE, Inc. Monitoring camera system for food defense / Japan

Urgent need for each food-related company is to work on "food defense" with social concerns concentrating on food reliability.
CALBEE Inc., which is one of Japanese leading confectionery and food manufacturers, has introduced our monitoring camera system in 16 factories starting with Shin-Utsunomiya Factory.
About 7 years ago, there was a toxic substance mixing case in a foreign country, and that case became a serious social issue. With this case as a start, CALBEE Inc. considered the introduction of monitoring camera system in their factories, installed monitoring cameras at doorways of workplaces that are called sanitary preparation room, but did not install such cameras at their manufacturing lines at this point.
However, "a case of malicious toxic substance mixing, which caused bodily harm" occurred even in Japan recently.
As a contingency plan, they have determined to introduce our monitoring camera system for the purpose of performing objective verification on the basis of videos from cameras, proving that employees are appropriately working, and providing customers with their corporate attitude in the early stage.

Key points of introduction
1. Installation positions were determined by checking viewing (image quality, range, and perspective) of the cameras one by one in different manufacturing lines for each factory with use of a mobile field survey unit (a demonstration machine for checking the camera position and actual visibility).
The field survey was completed in 3 months without stopping the manufacturing lines.
- An object in the distance in slightly dim illumination can be recognized and, human motion can be surely captured.
2. The 360-degree camera, high-capacity disk, and user-friendly operation software can reduce the unit quantity and cost.
- The 360-degree camera allows for a wide field of vision, and a wider range can be covered by 1 unit of the camera.
- Newly released 4 TB disk allows for longer time recording with lower cost as compared with the beginning.
According to the installation plan, all the lines on which products flow and all human traffic areas were basically the target of camera installation.
The camera installation positions were determined after most trial and error.
Actual viewing of each camera was checked and adjustment was made for each camera by viewing the camera positions temporarily plotted in the factory plans throughout Japan with use of the mobile field survey unit.
Some lines in buildings need moisture-proof monitoring cameras, and models were selected and final installation positions were determined in the presence of a responsible person from CALBEE Inc.
As a consequence, 360-degree cameras were mainly installed in factories and doorways, and infrared cameras were introduced outside of buildings, which can recognize an object 30 meters ahead even in night time.

Customer's voice
We position the introduction in all our factories this time as an introduction to protect our employees.
In case a contingency occurs, we consider the fulfillment of the responsibility to explain to our customers as the demand of the age.
The introduced monitoring camera system provides full-time recording and long-duration recording with significantly clear image quality.
Only a short time has passed since the operation of the system starts, there is already a comment from the manufacturing division, "we wonder if the camera system can be used for improving the manufacturing process and analyzing work operation as a camera that manages the process of manufacturing".
We unexpectedly found an extra use of the system in addition to the use for food defense.
Steady continuous efforts are important to address food defense.
We will and would like to improve the system to suit the optimal one at that time in the future.

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Outline/advantageUrgent need for each food-related company is to work on "food defense" with social concerns concentrating on food reliability.CALB...

CALBEE, Inc. Monitoring camera system for food defense / Japan