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Delivery of whole warehouse facility / JapanCase example of Panasonic security system

Delivery of whole warehouse facility / Japan

System outline/features
Delivered whole warehouse facility including i-PRO, entry/exit management system, hand-held terminals, wireless access points, speakers and everything to Tosu Center of Kyusyu Branch, Nittsu Panasonic Logistics Co., Ltd.
While Kyusyu Branch of Nittsu Panasonic logistics Co., Ltd. is being operated as the center of delivery and storage management of Panasonic products in whole Kyusyu area, Tosu Center is established in Tosu City of Saga Prefecture in February 2012 on integration of their bases.
Panasonic System Solutions Japan has delivered logistics management system (LMS), surveillance cameras and hand-held terminals to the main bases in Japan including both East and West Global Center (Urayasu, Amagasaki) of Panasonic Logistics Co., Ltd., and suggested to utilize their know-how to Tosu Center.

For this introduction, the group who is in charge of system for logistics industry took charge of IT infrastructure system including surveillance camera, hand-held terminal, wireless access point and so on.
In addition, another group who has full knowledge about domestic security standard took charge of entry/exit management system, speakers and earthquake early warning terminal.
Normally, groups in charge of system construction, construction design and construction management are different depending on product, but they work together in order to reduce the entire construction cost by integrating plumbing, wiring and installation of devices and that also made possible to deliver visually integrated warehouse facility.
Since different groups work together also for construction and maintenance service, this "Delivery of whole warehouse facility" became possible.
As for surveillance camera, a total of 69 cameras consist of DG-SP304V and DG-SF334 are installed in the warehouse and the office. IC card readers are installed in 4 places of the warehouse, office, entrance and server room.
As for broadcasting facility, 111 speakers of WT-7006 are introduced in the large premises and also 150 hand-held terminals of JT-H300HT-3W are newly equipped.

Product used in this application


System outline/featuresDelivered whole warehouse facility including i-PRO, entry/exit management system, hand-held terminals, wireless access point...

Delivery of whole warehouse facility / Japan