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Panasonic offers WV-ASM300 according to users' needs.
You can find your Panasonic security system product of interest through this WV-ASM300 page.

What's New WV-ASM300 series ?

Powerful Windows application enables a secure, scalable H.265 ready, multi-camera, multi-recorder surveillance management environment
- Camera control, viewing and recorder management
- Integrates i-PRO Extreme H.265 & i-PRO H.264 equipment

Reference : Secure Communication
- UI design & 4K native GUI enhances usability
- Automatic Security System configuration wizard
Now include multi-monitor and WV-CU950 support
- Base:100 recorders, 64 encoders and 256 cameras
- Expandable to thousands of cameras, recorders and encoders
- 90 days Demo license will be available
- No annual license fees

Smart management

WV-ASM300 displays videos and can overcome smoothly common issues like accessing on the narrow band, even when using on the remote environment .
According to network environment, can set the stream number in order to receive the stream in WV-ASM300. Then, WV-ASM300 displays images from specified stream.

WV-ASM300 Series Line up


Panasonic Security Cameras offers a large line-up, from analog cameras to IP cameras that are suitable for your purpose.