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Multi-Sensor Camera

What is Multi-Sensor Camera ?

Houses multiple image sensors and lenses in a single enclosure to cover a wide angle of view.
There are various kinds multi-sensor camera.

In order to monitor wide area such as parking lot, perimeter of building, intersection, airport, station concourse and more ...
Multi-Sensor camera reduces # of cameras minimizing blind spots
One Cable, One Bracket and One PoE port
- Benefit of Panasonic Multi-sensor Camera
1. 4 x True 4K high resolution
> Can identify vehicles 100 feet diagonal from intersection corners at three lane streets.

2. Combining H.265 compression with Smart Coding technology
  > In spite of the high resolution of 4 × 4 K, it achieved the bit rate lower than the bit rate of one 4K camera of H.264.

3. Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism (swingEyeTM)
 - 270-degree view(Full intersection view)
 > One multi sensor camera at intersection corner, It enables monitoring with minimized blind spots
  > Enables to monitoring even if bottom view angle
 - 360-degree view
  > One multi-sensor camera enables monitor the park by minimize blind spots
- Industries
Possible to monitor the space spreading by direction with high image quality with one unit.
 > Intersection
 > Station, Airport (Concourse, Runway)
 > Building periphery, Park, Plaza
 > Parking lot


Key Features

Extreme Visibility
4 x True 4K (33MP) high quality resolution (WV-X8570N)
- Easy wide tilt angle adjustment
- Super Dynamic 108dB
- “iA” (intelligent Auto)
High sensitivity with color night vision
ClearSight coating
Extreme Compression
 - H.265 + Smart Coding with Framerate control

By dynamically controlling the frame rate in addition to the refresh interval depending on the presence or absence of motion, the bit rate at the time of scene shooting without motion is further reduced.

Reference:  Extreme Compression
Extreme Data Security
 - Secure communication by GlobalSign certificate
Pre-installed GlobalSign Certification
   Video tampering detection
   Learn more: Secure Communication

 - FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant
(Federal Information Processing Standardization)
  For federal/public safety usage
Easy setting for usability 
 - Easy Installation and adjustment by Wi-Fi
 - Easy Kitting  --> Learn more

Installation time can be reduced by confirming live image and adjusting viewing angle with smartphone or tablet device via Wi-Fi connection.

Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism

Four repositionable lenses capture objects with minimized blind spots.
The above image shows the adjustable range of a single camera.
The adjustable range of each camera varies according to the positional relationship with other cameras.

Four repositionable lenses enables flexible monitoring to minimize blind spots

- 270-degree + right below mode
   >One multi-sensor camera at intersection corner, it enables monitoring with minimized blind spots
   >nables to monitoring even if bottom view angle
- 360-degree mode
  > One multi-sensor camera enables monitor the park by minimize blind spots.

Panasonic i-PRO® Extreme WV-X8570N
4 x 4K iA H.265 Multi-Sensor Camera
Panasonic i-PRO® Extreme WV-S8530N
4 x FHD iA H.265 Multi-Sensor Camera

i-PRO offers Multi-Sensor Network Cameras. You can find the camera which you are interested from Panasonic i-PRO EXTREME Multi-Sensor Network Cameras in this page.