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The IR PTZ Camera (WV-X6533LN/WV-S6532LN) recieved GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 !

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How to achieve wide area surveillance even in dark environments such as night?

Dark environments
Built-in IR LED and high magnification optical zoom in new PTZ cameras to realize wide area surveillance at night

Concept & Main Features

New i-PRO extreme camera built-in IR-LEDs enable the capture of low light evidence even at distances 350 meter away in a 0 lux environment.
Extreme Visibility 
   - View objects in dark condition with IR LED with new auto focus High powered 40x optical zoom 
   - Intelligent zoom stabilization
   - ClearSight coating
   - 30 degree elevation angle

Extreme Compression       
   - H.265 compression with new smart coding technology

Extreme Analytics             
   - i-VMD(intelligent Video Motion Detection) license bundled.

Extreme Data Security     
   - Secure communication with Digicert (Formerly Symantec) certification

Extreme Reliability           
   - Vandal resistant / IP66 compliant

Industry Examples & Products

Extreme Visibility

View objects in dark conditions
Enables user to see an object at 350m away with built-in IR-LED lighting even in a 0 lux environment.
Improve visibility and low-light environments by mixing visible and IR LED lighting through a new auto focus with visible light cutting filter

High powered 40x optical zoom
40x optical zoom function can survey further, and clearly see objects at long distances

Intelligent zoom stabilization
Enables the capture of a stabilized image even when the object is located a long distance away by absorbing vibrations.

ClearSight coating
The specially coated (ClearSight) cover resists water, stains, and dust accumulation, enabling the capture of clear images even in rainy environments, reducing the need for periodic maintenance.

Reference: ClearSight coating
It shows clear images even if IR-LEDs are on when it is rain

Dehumidification and defrosting with the new defroster
By the defroster on the transparent cover part on the front of the lens , against temperature drop inside the camera, the temperature inside the camera is kept properly to prevent dew condensation.
Enables to capture clear image with the new defroster under extreme environments

iA(Intelligent Auto)
iA monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically all in real-time, reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.

30 degree elevation angle
Enables to monitor dam release, landslide, iron tower and slope road  by using with 30 degrees elevation angle from low installation location.
Smart phone camera image
30 degree elevation angle

Extreme Compression

Combining H.265 Compression with Panasonic Smart Coding Technology reduces bandwidth by maximum 95%* of conventional H.264 Compression. This security system maintains the quality of moving images while reducing bandwidth and storage costs.
*Value in Advanced mode with Smart Facial Coding. It depends on the scene.

Reference:  Video Compression
*Value in bit rate depends on scene

Extreme Analytics

The camera itself features i-VMD*(Intelligent Video Motion Detection) functionality for notifying the administrator about changes to situations or dangers using a variety of methods. This eliminates the need to constantly watch the screen in the control room for reducing the TCO.
*i-VMD(Intelligent Video Motion Detection)  license bundled.

Reference:  i-VMD(Intelligent Video Motion Detection)

Extreme Data Security

In addition to Data encryption and communication encryption, provide secure network access between trusted devices through device certification then prepare for the threat of advanced cyber-attacks.

Reference: Secure Communication
Vulnerability Assessment
 - 3rd party assessment and penetration tests  made to achieve higher security standards

DigiCert ( Formerly Symantec ) Device Certification
 - Pre-installed DigiCert ( formerly Symantec ) Certification
 - Video tampering detection

End-to-End Data Encryption
 - Support full encryption communication
 - Camera encryption recording on-the-edge

FIPS140-2 Level 1 CAVC compliant (Federal Information Processing Standardization)  
- For federal/public safety usage

Extreme Reliability

No Backlash Technology

The precise gear drive allows longer life than belt-drive and reduce replacement & field dispatch costs.
Around 4 times longer lifespan than conventional rubber belt drive.
IK10 Standard

IK10 is one of the highest degree of mechanical protection defined by EN 50102 standard.
Compliant with IEC 60068-2-75 test Eh, 50 J and IEC 62262 IK10.
Clearance between Dome And Lens have to be close to avoid inner reflection of IR LED light. The lens portion is impacted by external shock directly.
Shock-absorbing Structure protect internal parts from external shock.
Panasonic enables to comply the highest impact standards in IEC rating specification.

Industry Examples

Those cameras are suitable under the extreme conditions

- Safe city
- Transportation (Airport / Train / Subway)
- Critical infrastructure
- Stadium
   and more.

Learn more: Industries & Solutions


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