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Compact Dome Camera

H.265 Compact Dome Network Camera

The compact body with the diameter of 109mm and the height of 53mm blends in to walls and ceilings.
Even when installing the camera in a store/shop with atmosphere, the installation can be made without destroying the atmosphere.
Extreme Visibility                       
- Wide angle monitoring                                     
- Corridor mode
- High sensitivity with color night vision             
- Built in IR LED                                                      
- Super dynamic / intelligent Auto

Extreme Compression
- H.265 compression with new smart coding technology

Extreme Data Security
- Secure communication with Symantec certification

Extreme Reliability
Vandal resistant / IP66 / Railway standard compliant
Indoor model                                Outdoor model
WV-S3532LM/S3512LM (Outdoor Vandal Resistant Transit model)
WV-S3531L/S3511L (Outdoor Vandal Resistant Dome model)
WV-S3131L/S3111L (Indoor Dome model)
Those cameras are suitable under the extreme conditions
> Retails
> Education
> Bank (ATM)
> Transit (Bus/Train)
> Building (Corridor/lift)
and more.

Extreme Visibility

Wide angle monitoring
With its compact design, wide angle monitoring can be done using only one camera.
Horizontal angle of view:108 degree
New i-PRO extreme camera WV-S3131L
Even in places of limited space such as lifts
the camera is still able to minimize blind spots.
Corridor mode
Monitoring can be made suitable for corridors, aisles, etc. by setting the image to be monitored at an aspect ratio of 9:16.
New i-PRO extreme camera WV-S3131L
High sensitivity with color night vision
It shows clear color images in low light condition at night time.
New i-PRO Extreme camera WV-S3131L
Built in IR LED
Enables to visible objects with built-in IR LED in even 0 lux condition.
Under 0.01lux lighting environment
i-PRO smart HD camera  WV-SFV110M
New i-PRO extreme camera  WV-S3511L
Super Dynamic 144dB(FHD model)/134dB(HD model)
Both bright and dark area are visible by Super Dynamic function.
New i-PRO extreme camera WV-S3131L
Intelligent Auto
iA-Intelligent Auto monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.
i-PRO smart HD camera  WV-SFV110M
New i-PRO extreme camera WV-S3511L

Extreme Compression

Extreme compression allows higher image quality monitoring in the same network environment.

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Extreme Data Security

Secure communication with Symantec certification
Vulnerability Assessment
 - 3rd party assessment and penetration tests made to achieve higher security standards
Symantec Device Certification
- Pre-installed Symantec Certification
- Video tampering detection
End-to-End Data Encryption
- Support full encryption communication
- Camera encryption recording on-the-edge
FIPS140-2 Level 1 CAVC compliant

(Federal Information Processing Standardization)
 - For federal/public safety usage

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Extreme Reliability

Achieve high endurance and long life usage under extreme conditions.
 - Dustproof Test                - Lifetime Test
 - High-Temperature Test    - Thunder Test
 - Pressure Test                  - Static Electricity Test 
 - Earthquake Test              - Drop Test
 - Waterproof Test              - Box Shaking Test 

Compatible to transit applications
It is robust enough for moving vehicles such as buses and trains to achieve stable monitoring.

・Vandal resistant (IK10)
・Railway application
         EN50155,  IEC62236-3-2
・Fire safety on rolling stock
         EN45545-2 compliant, NFPA130


The compact body with the diameter of 109mm and the height of 53mm blends in to walls and ceilings.