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i-PRO SmartHD Basic Concept

Panasonic's further reinforced IP product lineup under the new concept, 'i-PRO SmartHD'
provides the most advanced and best possible IP video surveillance solution to various applications.
Panasonic's pursuit for cutting edge technology continues...

One Panasonic

Wider Selection, Higher Performance
In 2010, Panasonic introduces 11 new IP cameras to the industry expanding its IP camera lineup to a total of 36 cameras. This will provide clients with more options to meet their requirements.

SmartHD Package

SmartHD Package that Suits for Every User
Panasonic's i-PRO SmartHD cameras and recorders can be used as ready to go SmartHD Package. This package offers HD video quality and smart analytics capability at a reasonable price.

IP Migration

Seamless Operation between Analog/IP devices
WV-ASC970 is an universal platform for Panasonic's IP and Analog system. This IP Matrix Server Software provides the most efficient solution by making the best use of the existing analog system.

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