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  • H.264/MPEG-4, Motion JPEG Moving Image Function
  • 3x Digital zoom function*(by area)
  • TV Connection*1
  • External Input Connector
  • Sound Detection Sensor
  • Privacy mode
  • SSL Support
  • Power Supply via LAN Cable*2
  • Remote Pan and Tilt Control
  • Multi-camera Capability*3
  • Cell Phone Monitoring*


H.264/MPEG-4, Motion JPEG Moving Image Function

BL-C210 corresponds well to JPEG System, MPEG-4 System (which has a high image compression rate and so is suitable for monitoring any moving image) and H.264 System which is higher in image compression rate than MPEG-4 System. Through BL-C210, you can monitor any moving image properly in accordance with your purposes. Plus, simultaneous use of two different kinds of communication systems (*1-1) is possible with BL-C210. Its image-updating speed is 30 pcs/sec at max in case of [640 x 480 dots] of H.264. Therefore, you can catch any moving target through very smooth and high-definition image monitoring byBL-C210.

*1-1 Combination of simultaneous use of the two different communication systems is limited to [H.264 & Motion JPEG] or [MPEG-4 & Motion JPEG] only. Combination of [H.264 & MPEG-4] is not available.

*1-2 When you use any mobile phone for monitoring a moving image, the monitoring is available through JPEG only. The Camera's Voice Function is not available in this case.

H.264/MPEG-4 Visual License

When you use more than one(1) PCs to see any moving image by H.264, you are requested to buy User License Accessory (Item No. BB-HCA8) additionally.

When you use more than one(1) PCs to see any moving image by MPEG-4, you are requested to buy User License Accessory (Item No. BB-HCA5) additionally.

3x Digital zoom function*(by area)

It's so reassuring to see your pet's happy face while you are out. A simple mouse operation is all you need to enlarge the image, using the 3x digital zoom, so you get a clear view of your pet's expression.

  • * This feature is not available when viewing on a cell phone.

TV Connection*1

The camera can be connected to a TV (VIERA*2 only) and the image can be viewed on the TV's monitor. The camera can be operated through the TV's remote control, making it simple even for those not used to computers.

  • * For US model only
  • *2 *Compatible Panasonic VIERA TVs The camera is compatible with the following Panasonic VIERA TVs.
    G10 series, G15 series, V10 series, Z1 series
    VT20 / GT20 / V25 / G20 / D20 / S20 series
    VT30 / GT30 / DT30 / D30 / ST30 / S30 series

External Input Connector

Sensors and switches can be connected to the camera through two external Input ports.

Sound Detection Sensor

When BL-C210 senses or detects any sound happening around the camera, this camera is designed to take a picture of anything relevant and temporarily save the relevant picture image*1. Such saved picture image can be checked on the screen for temporarily-saved picture images or saved on your PC. You can also transfer the saved picture image (must be in form of JPEG) to your e-mail address, FTP Server, HTTP Server and so on.

*1 Any picture image in form of H.264 or MPEG-4 cannot be saved temporarily or transferred.

Privacy mode

With privacy mode you can shut the camera lens and protect yourself from unwanted exposure.
Operation is simple - you only need to push the privacy button.

SSL Support

This system supports SSL data encrypted communications. By encrypting the network camera's image and other data for network transmission, it prevents electronic eavesdropping for greatly improved security.

* For JPEG only. The audio feature does not work on cell phone.

Power Supply via LAN Cable*1

The included Power Transfer Unit supplies the camera the power through the LAN cable. It allows you to install the camera anywhere , like on the ceiling where no power outlet is.

  • *1 Proprietary Power over Ethernet. (not compatible with IEEE802.3af.)
  • *2 Use a LAN cable that is no more than 30 m (98 feet 5 inches) long to connect the camera and the power transfer unit.
  • *3 LAN cables are sold separately

Remote Pan and Tilt Control

You can use a PC or cell phone directly to change the direction that the camera is facing while monitoring the image. This lets you monitor a large area with a single camera.

Operating Range

Pan (Display Range 82� max)
Tilt (Display Range 42� max)

Multi-camera Capability*1

Images from several cameras can be monitored and transceiver-type voice communication*2 can be used simultaneously.

  • *1 Moving pictures from up to 9 cameras can be displayed on a single screen. Still images from up to 16 cameras can be displayed.
  • *2 This function can be used only with a PC. It cannot be used with a cell phone.

Cell Phone Monitoring*

Still images from the camera can be checked on any cell phone that is capable of Internet access. The pan, tilt, and zoom functions can also be operated by using the cell phone.

* Models that support JPEG only. The audio feature does not work on cell phones.

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