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  • Simultaneous MPEG-4 and JPEG
  • 10x Digital Zoom
  • Splash- Resistant Body
  • AC Adaptor + Power Transfer Unit


Outdoor Ready

The splash-resistant body* expands the scope of applications by letting you install the camera outside, like on house or store eaves.

* IPX4 equivalent splash-resistance

Power Supply via LAN Cable*1

The included Power Transfer Unit supplies the camera the power through the LAN cable. It allows you to install the camera anywhere , like on the ceiling where no power outlet is.

  • *1 Proprietary Power over Ethernet. (not compatible with IEEE802.3af.)
  • *2 Use a LAN cable that is no more than 30 m (98 feet 5 inches) long to connect the camera and the power transfer unit.
  • *3 LAN cables are sold separately

Built-in LED Light

In dark surroundings, the built-in LED will light automatically* when the sensor detects the movement of people or animals.

* Auto-illuminating darkness:approx. 40 to 100 lux. (depending on setting circumstance)

Simultaneous MPEG-4 and JPEG

Cameras simultaneously send MPEG-4 images in three resolutions (VGA*1, QVGA, and SCIF), and JPEG images in the same three resolutions in favour motion, standard, and favour clarity image-quality types. MPEG-4 is recommended for viewing smooth motion images, and JPEG is recommended for recording higher quality images.

*1 When viewing in VGA, only MPEG-4 playback offers a maximum of 30 fps.

*2 For JPEG only.

MPEG-4 Visual License

This product is licensed under the MPEG-4 Visual patent portfolio license for the personal and noncommercial use of a consumer for (i) encoding video in compliance with the MPEG-4 Visual Standard (“MPEG-4 Video”) and/or (ii) decoding MPEG-4 Video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in a personal and non-commercial activity and/or was obtained from a video provider licensed by MPEG LA to provide MPEG-4 Video. No license is granted or shall be implied for any other use. Additional information including that relating to promotional, internal and commercial uses and licensing may be obtained from MPEG LA, LLC.
See http://www.mpegla.comExternal Site. When installing the MPEG-4 viewer program on additional PCs, please purchase additional licenses (Model No. BB-HCA5A for USA, BB-HCA5CE for others).

Built-in Human Detection Sensor

The sensor*1 detects people, animals, etc., due to temperature changes. When detected, the image or a series of images is sent to you by e-mail*2 or FTP data transfer*3 for easy checking.

  • *1-1 The sensor detects heat by picking up the infrared light naturally emitted from people and animals. Certain thermal environments, sunlight, air conditioners, heaters, etc., may cause detection errors or decrease the range of the sensor.
  • *1-2 The time needed to send images by e-mail from the camera will vary depending on the condition of the network. When setting the camera to send e-mail images to a cell phone, we recommend setting a longer interval time. If the interval is set too short, more images will be e-mailed to your cell phone and therefore your cell phone charges may be higher.
  • *2 POP before SMTP authentication and SMTP authentication (PLAIN LOGIN and CRAM-MD5) are supported.

Detection Range

Top view

Side view

Motion Detection Function

In this mode, the camera captures an image only when motion is detected based on the preset threshold or sensitivity of the camera. The image can be stored temporarily in the camera, or sent to you by e-mail or FTP data transfer.*1

  • *1-1 The sensor's detection history can also be e-mailed to you once each day at a preset time.
  • *1-2 POP before SMTP authentication and SMTP authentication (PLAIN LOGIN and CRAM-MD5) are supported.

Image Transfer Function

In accordance with preset settings,*1 the camera will automatically transfer images and a data log by e-mail,*2 FTP, or HTTP. This lets you check images only when needed, and helps prevent you from forgetting to check them.

  • *1 Preset settings can include timer, alarm, and motion detection. With JPEG connection only.
  • *2 POP before SMTP authentication and SMTP authentication (PLAIN, LOGIN and CRAM-MD5) are supported.

10x Digital Zoom Function*

It's so reassuring to see your pet's happy face while you are out. A simple mouse operation is all you need to enlarge the image, using the 10x digital zoom, so you get a clear view of your pet's expression.
Click here for a demonstration of 10x digital zoom function.

  • 1-1 Area is multiplied by 10x.
  • 1-2 This feature is not available when viewing on a cell phone.

Color Night View Mode*1

When the subject darkens, the camera automatically adjusts the brightness to show you the image. You see clear, easy-to-view images even in the dark.

  • *1-1 The image tends to blur more than that in standard mode when viewing a moving subject in low light or when using the pan, tilt, or zoom function.
  • *1-2 Some subjects may require additional time for focusing with the auto focus function.
  • *1-3 When viewing a dark subject in Color Night View Mode, spots of white or colored light may appear in the image. This is a natural characteristic of the MOS image sensor, and does not indicate a malfunction.

Cell Phone Monitoring*

Still images from the camera can be checked on any cell phone that is capable of Internet access.

* Models that support JPEG only.

IPv4/IPv6*1 Dual Stack


These are the world's first*2 network cameras with standard IPv6 support. Thanks to the dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 structure, they can be installed both on an IPv4 network today, and on an IPv6 network in the future. By passing the stringent requirements for Phase 2 certification, these cameras have also become even more reliable and interoperable.

  • *1 To connect using IPv6, it is necessary to subscribe to the ISP's "IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack" or "IPv6 over IPv4 Tunneling" service. The camera will not work in an IPv6-only network. For more information on IPv6, visit Site.
  • *2 The world's first network cameras of their kind (as of August 2004), featuring an originally developed IPv6-ready protocol stack.
  • *3 This logo mark is issued by the IPv6 Ready Logo Program Committee, an IPv6 promotion group established mainly by the IPv6 Forum.

HTTPS support

This system supports HTTPS data encrypted communications. By encrypting the network camera's image and other data for network transmission, it prevents electronic eavesdropping for greatly improved security.

* For JPEG only.

Recording Program* (Included)

You can record the moving images captured by the camera on your PC. This lets you enjoy natural motion that isn't possible with still pictures.

*Recording is possible for only one camera. To record images from multiple cameras, use the BB-HNP15.

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