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  • Pan/Tilt 42x Zoom
  • Audio 2-Way Communication
  • SD Memory Card Recording
  • Analog Video Output
    (USA only)
  • AC Adaptor


42x Zoom (21x Optical & 2x Digital)Function

You can use the zoom function to get a close, detailed look at certain parts of the image while you are monitoring. The 42x zoom is especially convenient for monitoring areas that have considerable depth.

Analog Video Output*1 (USA only)

The analog output terminal lets you combine the network camera with existing equipment. For example, you can check images on a TV screen, and record them with a video recorder.

  • *1-1 A mini video cable (with 3.5-mm mini plug) is required.
  • *1-2 The camera cannot be controlled with analog video output.
  • *1-3 The video image displays poorly in Color Night View Mode.
  • *1-4 For regions other than the U.S.A., the output is audio only. The cable that is included for these regions is also for audio output only.

Color Night View Mode*1 & CCD Sensor

When the subject darkens, the camera automatically adjusts the brightness to show you the image. A CCD image sensor and smooth motion capture at 30 frames/sec*2 combine to let you see down to a minimum of 0.09 lux. You see clear, easy-to-view images even in the dark.

  • *1-1 The image tends to blur more than that in standard mode when viewing a moving subject in low light or when using the pan, tilt, or zoom function.
  • *1-2 Some subjects may require additional time for focusing with the auto focus function.
  • *1-3 When viewing a dark subject in Color Night View Mode, spots of white or colored light may appear in the image. This is a natural characteristic of the CCD image sensor, and does not indicate a malfunction.
  • *2 At 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 resolution.

Audio 2-way Communication*1

Use the built-in mic*2 and a commercially available speaker with amp to speak back and forth. This lets you exchange information with walkie-talkie type communication.

  • *1 The audio feature does not work on cell phones. The talk button and listen button cannot be used simultaneously. Depending on data traffic and the network environment, the audio may be delayed or may break up.
  • *2 A separately purchased mic and speaker must be connected to the BB-HCM381.

SD Memory Card*1 Recording

A large quantity of images can be saved without even using a network. Cards can also be carried about easily, so data can be shared with other equipment. For example, a 1GB card can hold about 41 days'*2 worth of images when shooting at 1-minute intervals.

  • *1 The SD Memory Card is sold separately. The camera supports 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB, 2GB SD Memory Cards.
  • *2 320 x 240 resolution and standard quality.

*The cover is removed in the photo to show the function.

Number of Recording Files per SD Memory Card (Image quality: Standard)

SD Memory Card
Model No.
640 x 480
Approx. 33KB/file
320 x 240
Approx. 16KB/file
160 x 120
Approx. 5KB/file
2GB Approx.
55,000 images
115,000 images
370,000 images
1GB Approx.
28,000 images
58,000 images
180,000 images
512MB Approx.
14,000 images
29,000 images
94,000 images
256MB Approx.
7,000 images
14,000 images
47,000 images
128MB Approx.
3,000 images
7,000 images
23,000 images
64MB Approx.
1,000 images
3,000 images
11,000 images

IPv4/IPv6*1 Dual Stack


These are the world's first*2 network cameras with standard IPv6 support. Thanks to the dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 structure, they can be installed both on an IPv4 network today, and on an IPv6 network in the future.

  • *1 To connect using IPv6, it is necessary to subscribe to the ISP's "IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack" or "IPv6 over IPv4 Tunneling" service. The camera will not work in an IPv6-only network. For more information on IPv6, visit Site.
  • *2 The world's first network cameras of their kind (as of August 2004), featuring an originally developed IPv6-ready protocol stack.
  • *3 This logo mark is issued by the IPv6 Ready Logo Program Committee, an IPv6 promotion group established mainly by the IPv6 Forum.

IPsec Compatibility

During data communications, packets of data are encrypted. Even if someone were to intercept the data by electronic eavesdropping, it would be extremely difficult to decipher. This function is added to the conventional user name and password authentication to further boost security.

  • *1 IPsec is an IP security protocol for data encryption standardized by IETF, an international community for standardizing Internet specifications.
  • *2 This function is not included on China models.

Remote Pan and Tilt Control

You can use a PC or cell phone directly to change the direction that the camera is facing while monitoring the image. This lets you monitor a large area with a single camera.

Operating Range

Table Mounted
Pan (Display Range 360º max)
Tilt (Display Range 158º max)

Ceiling Mounted
Pan (Display Range 360º max)
Tilt (Display Range 128º max)

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