System650EX Panasonic Security System


512 Inputs Matrix Switcher System

512 inputs 64 outputs Matrix Switcher System with satellite capability

・ Up to 512 inputs and 64 outputs
・ Simultaneous use of up to 64 WV-CU950 Ethernet System Controllers
・ Up to 512 users
・ Up to 32 recorders (WJ-HD300A Series, WJ-RT416 Series)
・ Up to 64 Satellite domains with WV-ASC960 SX/GX Satellite/Upgrade Software

A product page of Discontinued Products "System650EX" of the Panasonic security system. As for the downloading such as a good point of System650EX, a manual and firmware, the specifications sheet from this.

System650EX Key Feature - Panasonic security system product