Case Study - Panasonic Security System Application example

Panasonic has set itself a target to provide total system solutions that will meet the growing demand for security applications

  • case68 Banks and Financial Institutions

    Quarity and reliability is a must in this type of application. Panasonic i-PRO's high resolution picture allows precise identification The Super dynamic Full HD Cameras allow...

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  • case69 Industrial

    Surveillance cameras are commonly used to monitor manufacturing lines , industrial processes , warehouses and logistic systems to ensure appropriate operations along with the sa...

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  • case70 Retail

    Network Surveillance systems are effective tools to reduce shoplifting and fraud, making store management easier and more efficient. Flexibility for changing location with Po...

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  • case71 Transportation

    Since the occurrence of recent terrorist attacks, CCTV systems for public transportation services are becoming increasingly important. Traffic monitoring on highways is also a v...

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  • case72 Education

    The Safety of students and staff is vital for every school. Panasonic Network Camera's distinctive quality and flexibility effectively reduce the threat of harassment and violen...

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  • case73 Town Center Monitoring

    Town center monitoring or urban monitoring is one of the most rapidly expanding applications of network surveillances systems The high resolution images of the Super Dynamic ...

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  • case74 Gas Stations

    Surveillance system is effective tool to reduce shoplifting and fraud, making store management easier and more efficient . It is also an effective tool to secure the payment. ...

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  • case85 Parking Lots

    i-PRO Network System is effective in preventing break into a car or violence in a parking lot . It also reduce costs for security guards.   The i-PRO megapixel camera...

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The case examples of Panasonic security system depending on the purpose are introduced in this page.

Here are case examples of Panasonic's security cameras and surveillance systems, under the category of Case Study

Case Study - Application example